Is Faye Resnick the Most Hated Woman on Reality TV?

I am not a fan of Faye Resnick.  In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a fan of Resnick.  She is uninteresting, unattractive, and unwelcome when it comes to my television.  I think Faye Resnick is a hag.  By hag of course I mean a whore who danced on the grave of her friend to have 15 minutes of fame.  Damn Kyle Richards for bringing this bitch to Bravo.  If they keep forcing this woman on us there will be a mutiny. 

Faye is not one of the tribe.  She may have married a Jew, but she is not Jewish.  Thank God because Jews on reality television are always somewhat weird and she would ruin it for all aspiring Jewish reality personalities.  It would be death by association.  You’re a Jew? Like Faye? Sorry, we don’t need you.  I’m telling you, we have barely recovered from Jill Zarin so Faye would set us back, but alas she is not a Jew. 

Sidebar:  I love Jill Zarin. Jill is a quintessential Jewish New Yorker and I miss her on Real Housewives of New York City.  She was controversial to be sure, but she made really good TV.   Bravo should consider bringing Jill back.  She is unpredictable, and also probably a little bitter, which would be brilliant. Bethenny is a pathological lying whore that slept her way to the top and she killed Jill, but she’s gone, so bring Jill back. Love her or hate her, she brings in ratings.  In fact, I bet Bravo gains a viewer with Jill for every one they lose because of Faye.

Back to Faye, she cannot possibly think we want her on TV.  We can’t stand her friend Vile so why would we embrace her?  She is pathetic.  I will say that she looks pretty good for 56. I am not sure if she is black or white, made out of plastic or flesh, but for almost 60, not bad for a hag.  The only reason people even know who she is, is because she danced on the grave of Nicole Brown Simpson to make a few dollars. She’s repulsive.

Faye has some kind of a hard on for Brandi Glanville and takes every opportunity to sling crap at her.  She is probably doing the dirty work for Vile, but still, her hatred and jealousy of Brandi is palpable.  Important to note that Brandi describes Faye as a “chick with a dick” so it is possible that she does in fact have a hard on for Brandi.  Brandi is younger, prettier, richer and funnier than Faye, and that makes her angry.

Faye should be friends with LeAnn Rimes.  1) LeAnn pays for friends, so that could be good for Faye. 2) LeAnn is slightly more unfortunate looking than Faye so Faye would be the pretty one when they went out.  3) They can take comfort in knowing that they are two of the most hated women in America. 4) They could take turns reading my blogs about how wretched they are to each other to see who I am meaner too.  Shame they can’t read.

In reading up about Faye, it would appear that she suffers from the same pathological lying disease as Bethenny.  She says she was a director of a modeling school, yet the school has no record of her employment.  She has been married and divorced three times, the last time to a Jew.  She is in recovery for addiction to cocaine. It was Nicole Brown Simpson who helped get Faye into rehab.  I must say that really pisses me off.

The woman who helped get her sober, was murdered, and Faye used her death as a stepping stone to 15 minutes of fame.  In my opinion, she danced on the grave of her friend for money and that is just dirty.  She also wrote two books on the OJ Killings.  By wrote of course I mean someone wrote them for her because I don’t think she can read.  She also posed for Playboy. I like Playboy and Resnick tarnishes their reputation to me.

Faye Resnick has me all riled up.  Her attacks on Brandi are ridiculous.  I would like to think she is digging her own grave and will disappear eventually, but Bravo has no respect for their viewers so they might not be getting the message.  Let me spell it out for them:  Faye Resnick is a stupid whore and we don’t want to see her on our televisions anymore.  Important to note I mean no disrespect to all the wonderful whores in the world.

I’m guessing someone will read this blog to Ms. Resnick and she will get a lawyer friend of hers to send me a letter.  If she takes my advice, I’m sure LeAnn’s lawyer will give them a deal and they can get a twofer.  I will be ready with my keyboard in hand on Monday when Faye goes after Brandi. Ms. Glanville is someone I met though work, but happily call friend.  She is lovely and I will cut a bitch who messes with my friends.

Faye Resnick, much like her pathetic friend Kyle, sucks the joy out of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She does not belong there, brings nothing of value, and actually inspires a physical reaction from me.  I go back and forth between wanting punch her and cut myself. Is Faye Resnick the most hated woman on reality television?  Yes. Yes she is.  I will be back on Monday to share my opinion and you can bet I’ll be keeping it real.