Celebrity Apprentice Week Two Recap

Two hours a week of this show is too much.  It is a great show, and I love it, but two hours is ridiculous.  With all the recapping, and an hour in the boardroom, I can’t live blog it because I get bored.  I’d rather blog it a day later so I can fast forward over all the wasted time.  Not much interesting happened this week other than La Toya Jackson proving she is wretched. This blog is to call out Jackson for being a bitch.

Omarosa and Dee Snider are Project Managers this week.  They are all taking Trump’s private jet to Universal Studios Orlando to do some lame task.  Trace is not going as he has a previous commitment.  He gives over $670K to The American Red Cross and it is lovely.  As ridiculous as this show can be, there is nothing like it in terms of charity so bless Trump and his ego for allowing it to be about helping people and not just how fabulous he is.

Omarosa is on fire and she is taking no prisoners.  Everyone is throwing her under the bus and the task has not even started.  Omarosa tells the camera you never have to worry about her stabbing you in the back because she will come at you from the front.  I love her in the same way I love NeNe Leakes. They are too big and too fabulous for reality TV.  People hate her because she is easy to hate, but I love her because she is good TV.

Important to note that I think Stephen Baldwin is a douchelord.  It’s not important really, I just want to make it clear that I think he is a complete asshole.  I don’t really care about the task but I think Omarosa is beautiful and I love that everyone is scared of her.  She knows what needs to be done and she is going to kill it.  With any luck she’ll kill some of the dumb bitches on her team along the way. La Toya Jackson is truly horrible.

Jackson is not talented and has never done anything other than be a Jackson. I cannot stand her and it is a shame because I thought she was lovely on her season, but here she is wretched.  Omarosa throws Rodman under the bus to embarrass him but in the end he pulls out a great question that will ultimately win them the task.  Over on Dee’s team, Penn is trying to take over like he always does, and we know already he will lose.

I think Gary Busey is perfection and I hate it when people talk crap about him. Gary is harmless, adorable, means well, and has a big heart.  Marilu Henner better step back off Mr. Busey or I will go after her.  She loves the sound of her own voice, which is annoying.  How in the hell is she still considered a celebrity?  Her show was on TV a hundred years ago. I’m not into her, the model, the Playboy chick, or Lisa Rinna.  All useless.

I am watching the clock and there are a total of 27 minutes where nothing interesting happens or is said. Not one thing.  I could skip to the boardroom, but that crap is an hour long and it is hard to sit through.  If this show were only an hour long it would be perfect.  Honestly, this is not an interesting group and hanging out for an hour of the task to get one or two entertaining thins is stupid.  Am I complaining too much?  I think it is time for a drink.

Omarosa is building exactly what the executives from Universal wanted, while Dee is doing nothing special or impressive.  Omarosa is cool but forceful while Dee is lovely but naïve.  Everyone is now talking garbage about Omarosa.  If these morons had any sense they would befriend her, not hate on her.  La Toya Jackson is a mutant and so it makes sense that she is in charge of the Spiderman portion of their interactive display.

The guests arrive and Gary is perfect, while Marilu is annoying.  Why would I want to pose with a cutout of a “celebrity” when they are there?  Stupid. Omarosa’s display is much more fun and vent though she does not seem to care about the world Orlando being hidden, you know she will win.  I want to punch Marilu in the face.  Not really.  I’m kidding.  It would be more of a slap than a punch. Not really.  I’m kidding.  Kidding. Not kidding.

We are one hour and thirteen minutes, and finally in the boardroom.  Those Trump boys sure are handsome.  The Donald not so much, but the boys are yummy, yummy ding dong.  Marilu is mean to Gary and it hurts his feelings, but he is gracious and kind in his response.  Trump is having a weird love affair with Omarosa and it is so creepy it actually works.  I want Omarosa to win the whole thing. The haters on her team can kiss her ass.

There is a strange moment with Rodman when he says his mother is horrible. I didn’t get it, but my reaction was is to like Rodman more. His is a mess, but I feel for him and think he is misunderstood.  The winner is announced and it is Omarosa.  She bursts into tears because she is playing for the favorite charity of her fiancé Michael Clark Duncan who passed away.  I loved Mr. Duncan and was honored to have met him, so I wanted her to win.

She loved him, they had a wonderful relationship, and she kept him alive when her fell ill.  It was heartbreaking when he died and my heart breaks for her.  It was important and really mattered to her.  Her falling apart was really lovely and while people mocked her and thought it was fake, I thought it was beautiful and Michael would be very proud of her. Just as I wipe a tear, I am brought back to hell by the offensive La Toya Jackson.

In the Trump suite, Omarosa is visibly shaken and La Toya comes to her aid. She is supportive and comforting, while bringing her a drink to relax her nerves. Sidebar:  I get that Omarosa is crying hysterically with no tears, but I am overlooking it because I love Michael.  Don’t judge me.  Cut to La Toya who says Omarosa is milking Michael’s death and using it for sympathy. LaToya Jackson is a horrible person and she needs to shut up.

I am now on a witch hunt for Ms. Jackson.  She will pull all kinds of Michael crap out when she has the opportunity and will milk him as that is all she has. Omarosa lost her fiancé and the reaction to her win was lovely so bite me LaToya.  Ms. Jackson because you’re nasty.  Dee is sent home and it is a shame because he is really great.  I’ll be back next week, watching Sunday but blogging Monday.  A good margarita should help me keep it real.