Mob Wives is Getting Better Each Week

It’s Christmastime in Staten Island and Big Ang is having a very pink Christmas dinner. Love is sitting this one out because is sick with the flu and Renee is not coming because she is not ready to deal with Carla and the drama so close to getting out of rehab.  Drita, Karen, Ramona and Carla are in for dinner.   I am not a fan of Carla and wish she had the flu.

The music on this show is perfection and we are off and running.  The pink Christmas tree is over the top and as funny as it is fabulous.  Drita arrives and Ang lets her know Ramona is getting married to her boyfriend before he gores away for twenty years.  Karen and Ramona arrive but Carla is running late.  I guess it takes longer to get ready when you are a bitter bitch.

Nobody is disappointed in Carla being late.  Ang is serving lobster, which is an interesting Christmas selection.  They start eating rather than wait, but then Carla strolls in and the room goes silent.  Carla is a rotten apple in the beautiful pie that is Mob Wives.  Carla is thrilled Renee is not there and I am now even angrier with Carla.  Who is this chick? She is nobody.

Ang collects knives off the table so Carla doesn’t get any ideas.  Everyone is silent until Karen breaks the ice.  She tells Carla Renee did not come because of her, and Carla defends herself saying she was never going to stab Renee, it was just a knife in her hands.  Ang wants peace in her home, Drita is trying to be neutral, and Karen and Ramona are coming to Renee’s defense.

Then Carla loses her mind and says that the fight with Renee nudged her to go to rehab.  Did Carla just take credit for Renee going to rehab?  Carla is an idiot. Drita steps in as the mediator and confirms that Carla was out of line. Karen and Ramona are out.  Carla does not get why everyone is mad at her.  She is not only delusional, but she is also really stupid.

Karen and Ramona are off to Arizona to meet the new girlfriend of Karen’s ex.  I feel for Karen.  Turns out her ex Dave is not living in her house like she thought.  He has moved in with his girlfriend and left her house unattended with just her dog there.  Karen is feeling disrespected as a mother and I agree with her.  Ramona is not helping out Karen’s stress.

Back on Staten Island, Renee has invited Drita, Ang and Love over.  She is surprising them with a trip to look at guard dogs.  Renee wants a dog so that should someone come to retaliate against her and her son, she has protection.  Really?  Will a bullet not kill a dog too?  I don’t think a dog will help her, but whatever.  Love is the best thing about this show.

Love says she will kill anyone who tries to break into her house.  Drita says the screaming in Renee’s house with scare the dog and render him useless. These chicks are awesome.  They are off to see dogs while Karen is snooping through her own house.  Her house is beautiful, and she looks good with the lighter hair, but this trip is not going to be a happy visit.

Karen’s daughter comes to see her mom and it is sad.  Karen is asking questions about her life and Karina is defensive and not into talking about it. She says she talks about her problems with her dad’s new whore.  Karen starts to cry and it is crushing.  She feels she is being left out as the mom and it breaks her heart.  Dave arrives and is surprised to see Karen.

Renee is in a scene from Deliverance looking at dogs and it is a bit lame. She’s not getting a dog and this is a waste of time.  None of the girls are into the dogs and Love is hilarious because she says if a dog bites her, she will bite him back.  I’m not into the dogs and so I am skipping past it.  This is lame, bullets kill dogs, and I feel bad for the beautiful animals.

Dave is talking to Karen and she is upset and getting angry.  Dave lets Karen know he does not live there anymore and only comes by to check on the dog. Sad for the dog.  Dave was in prison for ten years and he is looking for peace and wants no drama.  Karen could care less and she wants answers and respect.  I am loving Karen on this episode.  Good for her.

Dave is going to set up a meeting with Karen and his girlfriend Rebecca. Ramona says she thinks Karen and Dave could get back together.  Is Ramona high?  Karen has moved on and Ramona has lost her mind.  Karen needs to cut ties with Arizona and take her daughter to New York permanently.  It will be interesting to meet Rebecca.  I’m very curious about her.

Drita takes Carla to see her new store. She will sell her makeup line and I am excited for her.  I like Drita and I hope she and Lee make it work.  Drita is adorable.  To be clear, she scares the crap out of me, but I love her.  The store is a new beginning for her.  She has cleaned her slate and is starting over with a new life for herself and her family.  Bravo Drita.

Karen shares that her dad was in the witness protection program but he left and started a new life in Arizona.  He started a pool business and was successful and legitimate.  She is very open about their mob related life and it is fascinating.  Her dad was doing great when Karen, her brother, and Dave got busted for running an ecstasy ring.  All hell broke loose.

Karen got off, Dave and her brother got 10 years, and her dad took the blame and was sent away.  He took the fall for his kids and it is a remarkable story.  Her dad is rotting in prison and the responsibility eats away at Karen. Their lives are very complicated and while scary, I want more.  These girls seriously intimidate me, and I’m not intimidated by anyone.

It is Carla’s birthday so she is out to celebrate with Drita and Ang, along with other friends.  She needs to bring in other friends because nobody else can stand her.  We learn she has a boyfriend but until we see him, he is nothing.  She talks about moving on but the truth is she still loves her husband and she wants him back.  It is painfully obvious.

Karen is meeting with her brother about getting their dad out of prison. Her dad spent 7 years in solitary confinement, which is amazing.  Apparently there were some mistakes made with his sentencing and it could be possible that he could be released.  Karen’s dad is serious mafia and even though we’ll never know what he did in his life, I hope they get him out.

These women are fascinating and I am now interested in reading Karen’s book.  I never really got her and was not a fan, but watching her cry in Arizona, and learning of her dad going away to save her, I am fascinated. These chicks are good television and I am reinvested in this show.  Can’t wait to see what happens with Sammy.  These chicks are keeping it real.