The Shahs of Sunset Wrap It Up

When we met these people it was instant love.  As the reunion for the second season ends, they leave with not only my not loving them, but my having lost respect for the group.  This is a miserable bunch of people who let fame ruin them.  They went from fun and fabulous to mean and ridiculous. I hope they are all ashamed of what they have become and watch the shows over and over again so they can change.  These people are embarrassing themselves and their families. I am embarrassed that I watched at all.

Asa is full of herself and I am fascinated anyone in the world would spend money on her diamond water.  It is a pile of crap and if you buy it you need your head examined. It is a waste of money and you will get the same benefits from drinking out of the toilet. Lily is simply ridiculous.  Her hair and makeup are too much and her body is cartoonish.  She is not interesting and for someone who is so educated, she is an airhead.  She is also a troublemaker who helped rip authentic friendships of the first season apart.

Mike brings nothing to the table, although in the reunion he appears to be the only decent one.  He is attractive and maybe that is why they kept him, but Sammy was better television and I would have preferred Sammy stay and Mike go.  I wouldn’t miss Mike because I never noticed him. GG is angry and of the entire cast, the most damaging to the Persian community in terms of being a representative for a culture many people don’t know a lot about. She is mean, stupid, violent, dishonest, slutty, and an alcoholic.

MJ is a mess but I love her.  She is a product of her upbringing and simply should not be on this show.  She cannot trust the people around her, which is a precarious position to be in. She is compelling but her skeletons are coming out and it is sad. Reza was the best thing to happen to reality television in a long time.  He is also the poster child for how reality television can change you into something that you are not, or perhaps always were.  Reza is spiteful, and on a mission to humiliate people he claims to love.

Part two of the reunion is sad and a waste of time.  They are not talking about the season but rather talking smack about each other. This was never about recapping the season, but about publically humiliating each other. They are uncomfortable to watch. The talk quickly turns to Reza hitting MJ below the belt.  He calls her a drug addict, alcoholic, and a convicted felon. Everyone is taking pleasure in watching him rip her apart and I am choosing to not watch it anymore. This reunion is shameful and I’m done.

Oddly enough, at the end of the day I like these people. It is sad the show changed them so dramatically. I hope they come back for a third season, with Sammy, and they take a hard look at themselves and remember that we are not only watching but we are judging.  That is how reality TV works. Enough with being mean and obnoxious, they need to go back to being fabulous and obnoxious.  I’ll give them one more shot. One more episode is all we need to know if they are keeping it real.