Mob Wives – Love Rocks & Carla Sucks

I blogged Mob Wives the first season and couldn’t be bothered last season because it was hit and miss in terms of being entertaining.  This season however, they have new life and I have been sucked back in.  A large part of their new appeal is the addition of Love Majewski. This chick is good television.  The truth is that with the exception of Carla, they are all good television.  I like some more than others but no need to piss them off so lets get started before I chicken out because these women are rough.

Renee and Drita are meeting for dinner.  Renee looks fabulous and I am happy she is home from rehab and feeling good.  Drita tells Renee that Lee is out and back in town.  I love how excited Drita is to have him home and it is nice to see Rene’s support of her friend.  Renee is a good egg.  Drita is giving Lee another shot and I think it is cool.  I’m not one to forgive cheating, but if it works for her then bravo and good luck.  Renee is feeling strong but in tune with her addiction and clear on the long road ahead of her.

Carla is at the bar visiting Ang and I just don’t like this chick.  I don’t trust her, think she is full of crap, and enjoys stirring the pot because it is the only thing that makes her relevant.  Hilarious that Carla tells Ang that Love is irrelevant to her.  Really?  Carla is irrelevant.  She is also rude and simply not that interesting.  She is going through a lot with her family and I get it, but she is trying too hard to be the tough girl and in the end it makes her look stupid not tough.  I’m not a fan of her or her drama.

Love and Karen are out grocery shopping and it is hilarious.  Karen lets us know she is no Chef Boyardee, which is too funny.  She is heading back to Arizona to wrap things up with her ex and Love is supportive.  She lets us know she would kill her ex and again I am laughing.  Not at her, but in delight of her. This chick is perfection. She is a badass, authentic, and very entertaining.  Karen gets a call from her knew business partner Storm and tries to flirt which is adorable.  Poor girl is out of practice.

Karen makes plans to go out with Storm and is panicked about whether it is work or pleasure.  No matter how tough a girl is, when it comes to love we are all unsure.  It is cute to see her vulnerable and it makes her look sweet which is a side of her we don’t really see often.  Love assures her it is a date but Karen is not sure.  Over to Drita, she is with Ang and they are picking up new rims for her car.  Drita is a badass and she scares me a little. She is funny and cute, but can flip on a dime, and that is intimidating.

Her happiness about Lee is giddy.  Ang is very supportive of Lee and Drita being together.  Drita is getting new boobs so she can look good for her man. She’s beautiful and it’s darling that she is acting like a love struck teenager. Lee is working at a funeral home and she can relax that he won’t kill anyone because they are all dead already.  Perfect.  Cut to Karen she is on her “date” with Storm and it is awkwardly fantastic.  She is nervous, he is suave, and even I can’t read him.  I feel for her. Dating sucks big time.

Storm is making sexual references and Karen is not sure what to do because she does not know if she should play with the sex talk or not because she is not sure if it is a date or not.  I am laughing because I have been on a date like this myself and it is horrible.  Exciting, but horrible.  Bless her.  Over to Ramona, she is off to pick up her engagement ring from her safety deposit box.  I could not marry a man who might be going to prison, but I’m not Ramona so good luck to her.  Everyone has their own path.

Sidebar:  Mob Wives has the best soundtrack on television.  I have discovered many great artists through this show and I am a huge fan of Paloma Faith so it was awesome to hear her song Freedom.  Ramona invites Karen over so she can tell her about the engagement before she announces it to everyone else. Her ring is spectacular and before she has time to admire it, Karen arrives to crap all over her.  Ramona mentions that she is getting married before he goes to prison and Karen loses her mind.

I can’t tell if Karen is mad about the engagement or that Ramona kept it a secret from her. Is she jealous or just a supportive friend who is worried for her future?  Karen is hardcore and rips into Ramona with no real compassion.  Her view may be compassionate, but there is no warmth in her tone.  I get that Karen has been there herself, but it is all in the delivery and Karen’s delivery sucks. Watching them fight is uncomfortable.  Karen is very judgmental and it is not cute.  She handles this all wrong.

We head over to Love’s house and she is talking to an old boyfriend.  She says she would need an archeological dig to get to her “vajay” because it’s been so long since she had relations with a man.  She is cute.  She will cut a bitch without a second thought, but she is still really cute.  Watching these women, who are so unlike us, go through things that we have all gone through, is interesting.  In the end we have more in common with them than not and that is strange because in many ways we would not want their lives.

The gang is off to a party for furs and pocketbooks.  There are a lot of regular folks with Mob Wives thrown in for fun.  Ramona wants to announce her engagement and is worried Karen will ruin it.  Ramona makes a harmless joke about Karen in a fur and Karen goes off.  Ramona heads to the kitchen where Renee is having a conversation that has nothing to do with anyone but Ramona thinks it is about her and Karen wants to make it all about Ramona. No good can come of this.  Ramona is now on fire and ready to go.

Ramona’s big announcement is ruined.  Karen is screaming, Renee is confused, and Ang is concerned. Everyone congratulates Ramona, which pisses Karen off.  It is a mess.  The other party guests look uncomfortable and annoyed that their moment on TV revolves around a fight about the mob and prison. Karen calms down, Ramona is over Karen, and we move on. Ang is preparing for a holiday party at her home and the ladies are starting to cancel, but it all goes down next week so I’ll be back then to keep it real.