Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bash LeAnn Rimes

I am blogging this week having just returned from Brandi Glanville’s book launch.  Oh. My. God. This woman is hilarious. If you have ever had your heart broken, sent a drunk text, felt you would never be able to love again, or had your husband cheat with a bunch of whores including a washed up country singer with an unfortunate face, then this book is for you.  It is funny, smart, unfiltered, and pure Brandi.  I read it last night and it made me tear up and laugh out loud.  Brandi Glanville is fabulous.

We begin our week of Beverly Hills in Malibu.  Funny that not a lot of these women actually live in Beverly Hills.  We are with Yolanda who has prepared lunch for her friend Suzanne Summers, Kyle, and Lisa.  They are going to talk hormones and vitamins.  Suzanne is 66 years old and she looks remarkable.  Truly a well preserved human specimen.  Yolanda is channeling her inner Martha Stuart.  If Martha Stewart were socially awkward.  She is just a little rough around the edges when it comes to people.

Perhaps it is because she is European, but she says some cringe worthy things in my opinion.  That said, I am starting to really like her.  Sidebar: She was on Watch What Happens Live and was quite charming.  It has taken a minute but as I figure her out she becomes more likable and quite entertaining.  Kyle is sucking up to the celebrity, Lisa could care less about the celebrity, and it is predictable.  Kyle seems to think she is a celebrity and she is not.  She is simply famous.  Not the same thing.

Brandi has been asked to host some events in Vegas and part of it is to pole dance.  She goes to a pole dancing lesson but it would appear lessons are not in order.  Could her legs be any longer? Over at Kyle’s, she is having a dinner for her daughter who is graduating from middle school.  No matter how many times she prances out her beautiful children, she is still not likeable.  The fact that her own sisters did not come to the party, but she dragged in Adrienne and Faye, speaks volumes about who she is.

Adrienne comes and complains, Faye acts like people care about what she is saying, and I feel bad for the little girl that her mother used her party for camera time.  Kyle cries and it is really fascinating how she has mastered the fake cry.  Note to Kyle:  If you want us to really believe you are crying, tears are required.  From Kyle to Kim, we are now visiting a whole other kind of crazy.   Kim is hanging pictures and while I am thrilled for her sobriety, she is a nut job.  A very strange and possibly drunk woman.

She has decided to have a nose job.  An extreme way to get a prescription for pain killers, but to each their own.  Brandi is packing for Vegas and as she pulls things out of her closet I can picture LeAnn Rimes sitting at home taking pictures of each piece so she can run out and buy them.  Over with Marisa, she is packing with her mom.  Dear Lord this Mom is something else.  It is too early to tell if she is fabulous or a nightmare.  I like her but that relationship is a lot of work and I like Marisa more now.

Brandi, her BFF Jennifer, Lisa, Kyle, Camille and Marisa are off to Vegas while Yolanda stays home for the first night to welcome her husband home. They have an old fashioned relationship, and I like it.  She is playing the game and so good for her.  He’s a little creepy in how he speaks of her, but he also loves her in a way that I think is sexy.  Yolanda spends the night with her hubs while the ladies are out for dinner in Vegas.  It is an interesting group so we will see how the trip plays out and who cries.

Brandi tells Marisa that her husband loves her more than she loves him. Marisa says that is their banter and they are great.  Really?  We are not seeing that.  Marisa needs to love on her hubs.  Brandi is trying to explain to Kyle that they need to be kind and Kyle is listening but if you watch her closely, you can see her wheels spinning on how to make the conversation about her and not Brandi.  Then Camille swoops in and makes it about her. Nicely done.  Why is Camille even here? I thought she bailed.

They are talking about sex, divorce and heartache.  We get some insight into how Brandi found out, while pregnant, that her douchelord husband was cheating with LeAnn Rimes.  Then we get reality television gold when the ladies start bashing LeAnn.  I LOVE that they care calling out the crazy that is LeAnn Rimes.  In my opinion, LeAnn Rimes is a horrible human being.   She is mean, calculated, spiteful, pathetic, and unstable.  It’s only a matter of time before Karma comes knocking at her door. Any minute now.

The ladies are now talking about vaginas and oysters.  Really?   We are then asked to watch Kim get her nose consultation. Really?  Yolanda arrives in Vegas and we are off to the pole.  Brandi is nervous and it is adorable.  The reaction to her stumbling through is sweet.  This is the first time the ladies appear to actually like each other.  Brandi finds her way and in the end the women are all likeable, which never happens. All this niceness means a blow out is coming so get your wine ready because they’re about to keep it real.

Please check out my new web seris “THE REAL DEAL”.  It fearures our first guest, the delicious Brandi Glanville.  There are some sound issuess, but we are working on correcting those.  Enjoy!