RHONJ Finale is Not Worthy of a Recap

I love recapping this show because there are always a million little things that I notice and like to talk about.  It has been a difficult season to watch because its been so dark, but venting about it was fun for me.  Tonight’s season finale however, was simply disgusting and not worthy of a recap.

Bravo is systematically ruining lives and not providing their loyal audience with any entertainment.  It is mean women, embarrassing men, fractured families, fake friendships, and grown up people behaving badly.  This show is a train wreck and someone at Bravo needs to be held accountable.

The nightmare behavior is not limited to the women on the show, as it transcends to the viewer.  The audience has picked sides of their favorite housewives, and watch as if the show is based in reality.  The desire to ruin lives has transcended the stars and passed onto the fans on Twitter.

I was glad the season came to an end, and then we were shown a preview of the reunion shows.  Dear Lord, it will never end.  The reunion is going to be brutal and it’s upsetting.  There is no entertainment to be found.  We are all gathered around our televisions watching a train wreck.

To clarify this is not a basic run of the mill reality show train wreck. Families have been broken, lives have been ruined, accusations have been flung, secrets have been told, hearts have been broken, and there is blood on the hands of the people at Bravo who allowed it to happen.

As viewers, we are hearing many sides to every story and the truth is that even the people on the show seem to be confused and unclear as to what the truth is.  We have been shown such an edited version of what happened that we truly have no idea what is true and what is fabricated.

As viewers, we have an obligation to each other, and the women we love to watch, to simply look away.  If they bring this cast back, we have to stop watching.  We are participating in the nightmare by tuning in.  A message must be sent to Bravo that we are united, and we are done.

I will blog the reunion because there will be things to be said, but for the finale, this is all I can muster up.  Shame on Bravo for creating such a mess, shame on the stars for allowing it to happen, and shame on us for getting sucked into the madness.  Bravo is no longer keeping it real.