October 21, 2018

I am not my ideology

I hate the Iran deal
but I am not that hate.
I fear the evil that wants to hurt my people
but I am not that fear.
I ridicule those who just don’t get it
but I am not that ridicule.

I am not hate or fear or ridicule.

I am my mother’s moufletas melting with butter and honey
My boy making a three-point shot at the Maccabis
My daughter doing a cartwheel on the way to a movie
My discovery of an old shot of my grandfather in Casablanca.

I am my mother’s harissa and garlic omelette
My brother introducing me to “Homeland” and “Breaking Bad”
My sister joking that she wants to adopt my youngest
My wistful reflections on dreams I have missed.

I am my mother’s finely spiced fish boulettes
My niece singing “Hey Jude” at the Shabbat table
My caffeinated conversations about the future of my people
My sadness at my father’s grave.

I am my longings and my laughter
my songs and my friends
my words and my doubts
my faith and my memory.

I am not my ideology.

I am my little slice of temporary life.

Dedicated to my friend Gerald Bubis,
who showed us how to disagree with grace and dignity.

David Suissa is president of TRIBE Media Corp./Jewish Journal
and can be reached at davids@jewishjournal.com.