Young Jewish male takes ‘crak’ at mah-jongg

Sure, mah-jongg is a game classically known for its appeal to old Jewish women, but so is bingo and scrabble.  And I love those games, so why not mah-jongg? 

But a 23-year-old nudnik playing mah-jongg?  I know, that’s almost as crazy of as an 83-year-old yenta playing Donkey Kong.

Unfortunately, these stereotypes only prevent our culture and society from enhancing and evolving.  For that reason (and because I don’t think we’ll ever witness an 83 year-old playing Donkey Kong), I decided to do something unheard of.  Something no 23 year-old would even think of doing. I decided to learn mah-jongg.

Check out my experience in the video below.

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