Israeli community launches its own Jewish Federation

A community in central Israel has founded a philanthropic foundation based on the Jewish Federation model.

The community of Ramat Hasharon will launch its Takdim –The Ramat Hasharon Community Foundation later this month. Takdim is Hebrew for precedent.

The foundation will be led by local lay leaders, and will raise funds from residents and local businesses for projects in the community, throughout Israel and worldwide.

David Ivry, president of Boeing Israel and former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, will serve as chairman of the foundation.

“By establishing Takdim we are indeed setting a precedent and we hope this will start a movement in other communities in Israel. We believe that it’s our responsibility to work toward improving society and this starts at home. We are giving time and financial resources to make sure this happens,” Ivry said.

Takdim plans to establish joint projects with Jewish federations in North America and elsewhere, based on a partnership of peers between Israeli and Diaspora donors.