October 22, 2018

Let’s slow this down …

The month of Elul is a time for introspection, rebuke, and apologizing. Therefore it’s with a bit of embarrassment that I ask for your forgiveness. In our desire to get out this year’s collection of Jewels, it seems as if we jumped the gun and started the month of Elul one day early!

In honor of Shabbat, we will take a day of rest from Jewels and all get back on track with the Hebrew calendar. Jewels of Elul #5 will resume on Saturday evening!

As a reminder, If you are enjoying the diversity of opinion and insight of the Jewels, please consider supporting the Pico Union Project mission to build a multi faith and cultural community in Los Angeles’ oldest Synagogue.

All gifts of $18 or more will receive a free copy of 30 Days a Journey of Love Loss and Healing our new package of healing cards for people in mourning. Click here to make your gift.

Shabbat Shalom!


PS If you have yet to download Adonai Ori you can do so HERE.