[once you pass this point you must continue to exit]

Photo from Pexels

the plane opens its body to me I am alive
on the plane in the coffeeshop in bed in traffic
among the living I’m leaking then cracking open

here here here the alive splinter in me our
neighborhood everywhere
How are you? alive

How are you?    to be this this
tired one must be must be     what
do I even like to eat?   How are you?

She’s I say                The way she said
my name my whole name when I called these details
make life unbearable & without which meaningless

Rachel Zucker is the author of nine books, most recently, a memoir, “MOTHERs,” and a double collection of prose and poetry, “The Pedestrians.” Her book “Museum of Accidents” was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. She received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in 2013. Zucker is the host of the podcast “Commonplace: Conversations With Poets (and Other People).”