September 24, 2018

Welcome to Sacred Parenting


Welcome to Sacred Parenting!

I’m Elaine Rose Glickman – a rabbi, an author, and a mother of three (fabulous) children –and I’m delighted to introduce my new blog. The blog takes its name from my book Sacred Parenting: Jewish Wisdom and Practical Guidance for Your Family’s Early Years, which combines insights from Jewish tradition with modern best practices to help us parent with spirituality, mindfulness, and partnership with God.

That sounds great, doesn’t it? And – I admit – a little vague. So let me offer some specifics:

– Biblical verses that guide us to set reasonable but firm boundaries, to speak gently but effectively, and to see in our precious children the very image of God

– Handy phrases to stop whining, fussing, and backtalk (really!)

– Advice for every age and stage – rooted in Jewish traditions thousands of years old, but incredibly timely for parents making their way through the 21st century

– Fun family activities that will instill Jewish values like generosity, justice, and respect for all living creatures

– Crafts, recipes, discussion topics, books, and fresh ideas to make Shabbat and Jewish holidays meaningful, joyful, and special for your family

– Guidance in talking with our children about big and difficult issues – from death and illness to war and terrorism to bullying and cruelty

– And – most of all – thoughts, ideas, stories, and experiences that have impacted me in my parenting – and that I hope will engage, intrigue, and inspire you in yours

I am proud to share that Sacred Parenting was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award and that I’ve served as an advice columnist for a parenting magazine as well as a parenting authority on a syndicated television talk show. I also chair an award-winning preschool in my home state of Florida and have taught and created curricula for children of all ages –from toddlers through teens. And as a mother of three, I have seen (most of) it all – from refusing vegetables and peeing in the ball pit to sticking up for a picked-on friend and setting the table for Shabbat dinner without being asked!

I love being a parent and view parenting as a holy endeavor; and I am eager to share the joys and the challenges, the moments of wonder and the moments of, well, less than wonderfulness in Sacred Parenting. Please join me as I begin blogging this fall!

Wishing your family good health, happiness, and abundant blessing,

Rabbi Elaine