October 23, 2018

What the Heck is Life & Wellness Coaching, Anyway?

“What is a healthy diet?”

“Is juicing good for me?”

“Are carbs bad?”

These are common questions I hear from clients, friends and people all over the internet. The truth is that there is NO SINGLE RIGHT ANSWER. If anyone is trying to give you a definitive answer then be sure to ask a lot of follow up questions or do a lot of further research.

There is an ample amount of misleading and truthful information regarding health and nutrition, which can be confusing to decipher and weed through in order to find out what is applicable to your body and emotional needs.

If what you are looking for is an objective answer to a nutrition question, then doing some research and finding an answer from a doctor or nutritionist is your best solution. But if what you are seeking is an answer to feeling and looking better, the issue isn’t what diet should you be on. The answer is what dialogue needs to change in your head and what tools do you need so that you can feel confident.

The quick answer to leading your best life is to eat a diet of whole foods, lean proteins, consistent exercise, and to eliminate stress. Sounds simple but we find ourselves not able to use this simple formula. Why? Because no single issue in our lives is isolated. Everything is interconnected. The challenges you face in your career are often distilled down to the same challenges you have with your body and diet.

Whether your issue is weight, work, money, or some other stress, the key to change is whole body wellness. Learning how all the aspects of your life are interconnected, coming up with a new self dialogue (rather than the one you have now), then making an action plan that fits in with your lifestyle is a lot more sustainable for longterm happiness than the quick fixes we get from juice cleanses, alcohol, overeating, shopping, complaining, etc.

I am currently booking 4 sessions for $200 as I build hours for my certification for the International Coaching Federation. Life and wellness coaching is designed for those of you who are ready to explore how all the pieces of your life are interconnected and want to create a more balanced, healthy, peaceful, and fulfilling life even in the midst of chaotic professional and family lives. Wellness coaching is also great for young adults who are preparing for independence. Coaching helps individuals form positive thoughts about the whole body and encourages new health habits which in turn prepares for a vibrant and stable adult experience.