Dreaming of Love & Lawsuits

I am a romantic.  A serious over the top, anything can happen, sweep me off my feet, knight in shining armor, bring flowers on a first date, knees buckle at the first kiss, beshert seeking, happily ever after, underdog wins, men make passes at girls who wear glasses, you don’t look fat in that dress, can I help with the laundry, cards for no reason, afternoon delight, die hard romantic.  I like romance.  I like it, love it, give it and want it.

I will admit that I’ve read a Harlequin Romance or two.  I will admit that I believe in fairy tales.  I will admit that a romantic comedy is my favorite movie.  I will even admit that I go on every date with a part of myself hoping it will be my last first date ever.  I believe in love.  I’ve seen it, had it, lost it and want it again.  I make no apologies for my view of love and what are dreams for, if not to believe in?   We are all worthy of finding love.

In talking to a girlfriend, she gently suggested that perhaps I was too romantic.  I’m not even sure what that means.  Can you be too romantic?  She thinks that my views on love and relationships are those of Hollywood moviemakers who create unrealistic expectations for women that will never happen in the real world.  Have I been brainwashed by Hollywood?  Is it wrong that I think Pretty Woman could be a true story?

If I have been brainwashed into waiting for a romantic life that does not even exist, could I have a viable lawsuit on my hands?  Could I sue Hollywood for ruining my shot at love?  Perhaps I should invest the time I currently use wallowing in self pity to prepare the greatest lawsuit that Hollywood has ever seen.  If there are any lawyers out there who want to help me out, get in touch!  If Hollywood is to blame for my broken heart, they must pay.

Oh my God!  I could get an email from a gorgeous Jewish lawyer who wants to represent me.  We could meet to go over the case, instantly fall in love with each other, win a multi-million dollar judgment, get married and live happily ever after on the island he buys me for a wedding gift in the castle that I built for him.  Then Hollywood will actually make a movie about my life that shows there really is no such thing as being too romantic.

I will always believe in romance and that anything is possible.  I will watch every romantic movie that Hollywood makes, knowing that even the smallest part of the story could be true and really happen. When a relationship ends, and you are finally able to take off your rose colored glasses, you can see yourself and your ex clearly.  It is that clarity which allows us to move forward, strive for more, believe in love, and keep the faith.