Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday.  I am 47 years old.  That is almost 50.  At 46 I felt like I was still teetering towards the low end of the 40's but I am now officially well into my 40's and actually closer to 50.  I don't care about birthdays that much, and truly have no fear about getting older. 

I feel blessed to be a mother to my wonderful son.  With each year I get older, so does he, and we get closer.  He is a remarkable young man and I am proud of not only who he is, but of the job I have done in raising him.  He is my greatest joy and greatest accomplishment.

I want this to be a year of growth.  By growth of course I mean I want to grow emotionally and do not want the growth to extend to my ass.  I am going to work on my emotional well being.  I realized I have been taking care of everyone but myself, and I am overdue for attention.

I have a very clear goal of what I want from both my personal and professional lives this year, and I am going at attack both those dreams with guns blazing.  It will take time, patience, and some therapy, but I am all in and I am going to get what I deserve because i am worthy.

To everyone who shares a birthday today, I wish for you all the things you wish for yourself.  I hope you have a wonderful day, along with a year of health and happiness.  Be brave, be kind to yourselves, and remember that  you are worthy of all good things, so keep the faith.