Love, Faith, Hope & a Broken Heart

It is with a broken heart that I share with you my relationship with the Englishman has ended.  We broke up this week and my heart is shattered. He is a remarkable person and I am disappointed because I have never wanted, or worked so hard, for a relationship to work.  My romantic heart is grateful for our time together, and my girlish heart hopes we find our way back.

He was wonderful and his kindness allowed me to uncover pieces of my heart I didn’t know existed.  He has become my best friend over the past year and while I would like to think we will remain friends, the fact is I don’t believe you can be friends with someone you loved. When a relationship is over, maintaining a friendship is hard.  It is truly a sad and confusing time.

I am going to be fine.  I am a woman who lives a quiet and protected life, yet I share it here out loud, and I take comfort in knowing you are pulling for me and pray for my happiness.  Thank you for listening, and supporting my journey.  To the Englishman, you are very special and I wish for you all the things you wish for yourself, and more. You made my heart sing.

I will cry and struggle with the break up, but in time I will be able to look back on the happiness we shared and move forward.  With each failed love affair one can only pray they are closer to finding their Beshert. Time will heal, God will comfort, and hope will remain. There are no guarantees in love so all we can do is take a risk, hope for the best, and keep the faith.