The Real Secret of Victoria’s Secret – UPDATED

On my way to work on Tuesday I heard that three Victoria’s Secret Angels were going to be at The Beverly Center mall doing an appearance.  One of the girls was Candice Swanepeol.  She is a South African beauty that serves as the screensaver for my 17 year old son’s laptop.  In an attempt to be a cool mom, I called my son and told him we would go.

It took him a minute to catch his breath and even asked me what was happening. It was the cutest response and I was so happy to take him to meet his dream girl.  I got him after school and we headed to the mall, which is about 30 minutes away from my house, give or take 10 minutes depending on traffic.  He was excited the entire trip and it was adorable.

We arrived at the mall and headed to Victoria’s Secret.  Well.  There were so many people there I quickly calculated we would be in line for approximately 3 hours, give or take 10 minutes.  I sent my kid to get in line and headed to the store to scope it out.  I quickly learned if I spent $75 on swimwear, I got a VIP pass and moved to the front of the line.

Well.  I went shopping.  I bought a super cute white lace beach over up, and a beautiful pair of bikini bottoms to go with a top I already own, I paid for my goods and called my son to tell him to come to the front of the line.  He hesitated to give up his spot but he came.  I showed him the VIP pass and he almost passed out.  He was now next to meet the angels.

I had to show my receipt when I took him to VIP and in doing so noticed I was charged incorrectly.  I hung out with my kid, snapped a picture of my boy with his future wife, then went back to the register to show them there had been a mistake.  The cover-up I bought was marked $48.50, but I was charged $69.50.  It was then that I discovered Victoria’s secret.

If you are a total bitch, or a complete moron, you can get a job at Victoria’s Secret!  Who knew?  The woman who did my return rude, abrasive, entitled, and sarcastic.  She fixed the price then told me I was $2.00 short to get the VIP photo op.  I told her to just charge me the $2.00.  That is when the bitch transformed into a complete moron before my eyes.

She did not understand what I said and insisted I shop for something or else.  Really?  Or else what?  You are going to kick me out?  Make my son give his picture back? You are selling underwear lady, not on Mob Wives.  I was grossed out by her and would have told her off had it not been so ridiculous. I ended up buying a $15 cosmetic product to raise my total.

Would it have killed her to be nice?  The mistake was hers not mine.  She overcharged me and never bothered to apologize for that, only yell at me for trying to rip off Victoria’s Secret.  Again, really? I paid 50 bucks for a piece of lace and I am ripping you off?  I work hard for my money and if Victoria’s Secret does not appreciate my choosing to shop there, they can F off.

Back to the angels, they were lovely.  Candice asked my son what his name was, and when he told her, Alessandra Ambrosio said hello to him by name.  Then Karlie Kloss told him she really liked his sweater.  Well.  When you are a 17 year old boy “I like your sweater” translates into “I think you are as attractive as you think I am and we should get married one day.”

My son is beyond excited.  I spent $100 to buy his happiness and it was worth every penny.  I won’t be frequenting Victoria’s Secret anytime soon, which is a drag because I like them and own many of their things.  That said, if you don’t appreciate my hard earned dollar, you don’t get my money. They might want to retrain the bitch from The Beverly Center store.

My son has one foot out the door on his path to adulthood and it makes me proud and sad.  Moments like this are rare and for him to tell me I made his dream come true was wonderful.  He may not hold my hand anymore, or let me kiss him in public, but he loves me and will always remember that his mom, a real Angel, took him to meet his first Victoria’s Secret angel.

Important to note the drive home took over 2 hours. There was an accident so we opted to take a canyon road home and it was a nightmare.  We were stuck with nowhere to go and it was insane.  Still worth it, but just barely. Will my son remember the hellish ride we took for his dream to come true and reward me by doing his chores?  I’m keeping the faith.

*** I received an email over the weekend from Jill Hamilton, who is a Supervisor in the Social Media Department of Victoria's Secret.  She asked that I give her a call and I did. We chatted for a few minutes and I explained to her exactly what happened when I went to the Victoria's Secret store in The Beverly Center here in Los Angeles.  She was professional and supportive as she listened.  She let me know she was embarrassed by how I was spoken to, and assured me this is not how VS conducts business, and even gave me a case number to let me know it was being looked into.  While she could not change what happened, she would work hard to make sure it did not happen again. I was very impressed that she did not try to blow smoke up my ass by making excuses. She owned the situation and was focused on fixing the problem, not judging me.

I don't know what will happen to the bitch who served me, but I hope she gets some retraining and learns that our money matters and she needs to be kinder to the people who help pay her salary, because if we don't shop, she has no job.  As for Ms. Hamilton, she changed my view of Victoria's Secret.  I left the Beverly Center convinced I would never shop their again and Ms. Hamilton proved that one bad apple does not need to ruin the tree.  She allowed me to see the entire tree and I will tell you her taking three minutes to talk to me erased the bad taste in my mouth from 20 minutes of the bad apple.  Bravo to her and to VS for reaching out to a little old blogger like me.  At the end of the day customer service does matter and Vicroria's Secret won back a customer because they know that every voice matters, whether or not that voice has a blog.