The Joy of Taking a Nap

I had a lovely weekend.  I spent time with my son, the Englishman, and myself.  I helped my son with a school project, caught up on some work, and went out for dinner and movie with my boyfriend. On Sunday I did something I have not done is a very long time.  I recaptured my youth and took a nap. Not a quick power nap, but a full on three hour slumber.

On Sunday my son was back at work on his school project so the Englishman and I went for a long walk.  When we got home we watched Chelsea pull out a brilliant draw against Manchester United, then went into my son’s room to check on him.  He was on his bed working, so we sat down on the couch in his room. We were chatting and at some point we both fell asleep.

It was glorious and much to my surprise, we napped for hours.  We were snuggled up on the couch and it was heaven.  We don’t lie down in my son’s room ever, so it was as if we were on vacation in a new place.  I’m not one to take a nap, but it truly felt like we were away on holiday and were basking in the lap of luxury.  I woke up feeling rested and content.

I can remember a time when my son used to nap everyday.  He would wake up happy, loving, and ready for the next part of his day.  The truth is that I woke feeling the same way.  Naps are necessary so why do we outgrow them? I think everyone should take a daily 30 minute nap.  The world would be a happier place if we got a chance to relax and refresh.

I often say that there are not enough hours in the day.  I often say that I m tired. I never say I need a nap.  There is something wrong with that.  I work hard and I rarely get enough sleep at night because I’m not a great sleeper. Does it not make sense that the best way for me to get my needed rest is to nap?  I think I have found the key to success: napping.

I have not quite figured out how I will explain this revelation to my employers, but I will come up with something.  It may mean I escape to my car for 30 minutes a day, but naps are in my future because they work.  Just as they worked for our kids in day care, they work for adults in real life. Feeling tired and in need of some peace? Take a nap.

It is Sunday night, and even with Daylight Savings time kicking in, I feel rested and ready to tackle tomorrow.  Beyond that, I am ready to go to bed because I think my pre-sleep will actually help my sleep. I spent the day with the two men I love, relaxed in a real way, and napped like I was a baby. Not sure I can make it a daily ritual, but I am keeping the faith.