Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Boxing Gives Men Their Period

Yesterday I posted a blog about the battle between Manny and Floyd.  I am a huge fan of Manny as both a boxer and a man.  I have written of my love for Manny Pacquiao several times before and it was well received.  I got lovely emails from his fans and an outpouring of love from the Philippines.

Last weekend I was cleaning while listening to the song styling of the Pacman, which got me to thinking about Manny.  When I Googled him, the first story to come up was with Mayweather’s dad talking smack about how Manny did not want to fight Floyd.

I read several articles and in my own, made it very clear that I was a new fan to boxing, and that I loved Manny.  I simply questioned the articles I had read.  They were clearly from the perspective of the Mayweather camp, so I wrote asking for clarification.

Instead of reading the millions of articles, all of which have clearly picked a side, I thought I would ask the questions here, thinking boxing fans, impartial men who love the sport, would offer up an explanation as to why there was no definitive answers about why there has not been a fight.

My blog, which was more of a fishing expedition than a hardcore sports story, managed to turn grown men into a bunch of bitchy chicks who all got their period.  You can check out the comments and see for yourselves.  It’s quite entertaining to watch men get bitchy.

I was called names, attacked for no apparent reason, and boxing fans, from both sides, still could not give me answers.  As a fan, I am with Manny all the way, as for the rules of boxing and why there has never been a fight, I was asking for help in understanding, not picking a side.

While some tried to explain, others were mean, and some were just stupid.  Woman can be bitchy and men and can assholes but my blog managed to turn grown men into bitching assholes.  Quite an accomplishment.  I was about done with it all until I heard from a man names Joe.

Rather than comment on my blog, Joe decided to get in touch and explain it to me. Joe sent me the following email:

I’ve read your articles on Manny Pacquiao and found them quite insightful. From your writing, I gather that you’re quite intelligent and even more insightful then many sports writers/commentators because you’re open-minded and not pessimistic. I have a response to your question at the end of your article when you asked if you were failing to see why Manny wouldn’t just accept Floyd’s conditions. Hopefully this helps:

There’s a psychological and mental component to boxing (and sports) and competition, because competing and sports is ultimately about the human condition. The psychological component is just as important as the physical component (sometimes more so).

As a non-athlete, it may be hard to know that the best and most successful competitors (at least in sports) understand people really well, and that the game/match/fight is also a psychological battle. Whoever wins the psychological battle, that is, whomever gets the upper hand psychologically and mentally will most likely win the fight/match. A boxing match is not simply a boxing match.

The Mayweather camp understands this, Manny probably understands this, and Freddie Roach most definitely understands this. This is why Manny shouldn’t submit to Floyd’s demands. Coming over to the United States to do the drug testing because Floyd demands it doesn’t allow Manny and his team to control of their own progress (or journey/destiny, whatever you want to call it).

Both fighters work really hard and control their own respective journeys, and this includes how each wants to prepare and train. They do this better than anyone else, and that’s why they’re the best. For Manny, he obtains his mental edge and confidence with his routine, which includes preparing in the Philippines for the first part of his training camp.

Coming to the United States for the blood testing means Manny and his team aren’t able to control their journey, and instead allows Floyd control over Manny’s journey. Letting your opponent control you is like laying down your arms in battle and admitting defeat.

Of course on the outside nobody will see this, but it will be in both competitors’ heads. That is what submitting to Floyd’s demands mean, and that is why Manny shouldn’t submit to them. Because submitting to Floyd’s demands won’t win the fight for Manny.

Thank you Joe.  I appreciate that you took the time to explain it to me in a way that did not question my love for Manny, the intentions of my blog, or calling me any names.  I understand it now in a way that I did not before which was the goal I was striving for when I wrote the article.

I love Manny Pacquiao.  I love him as a man and a human being.  I am not a fan of boxing, but I am a fan of his and watching him in the ring is magic.  I am becoming a fan of the sport he loves because of him, and I am learning about a people and a culture that I may not have researched where it not for him.

I strive to be a better person because of the example that Manny sets.  I hope to one day visit the Philippines to experience the kindness and generosity of spirit that her people possess.  I look forward to watching Manny fight in person one day and it would be awesome if it were against Mayweather.

To the men who got bitchy, it’s okay.  No need to be embarrassed that you acted like chicks talking about the Real Housewives of NYC.  Just take a Midol, soak your feet, have some chocolate, pour some wine, lash out at someone you don’t know, and remember to keep the faith.