The Son Will Come Out Tomorrow!

The sun’ll come out


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

There’ll be SON!

After 31 days my son will be home tomorrow.  I have missed him more than I thought I would, and I thought it would be a lot.  On one hand I feel like the time has been passing slowly, and on the other, I feel like he just left. He had an awesome holiday and I made it through without too much drama.

By drama of course I mean crying, and by not too much of course I mean I cried almost everyday.  It has been a time of great reflection for me.  In the end I came away with the knowledge that I have raised a remarkable young man and I don’t need to worry about him.

I have a lot of rules when it comes to my son.  I like to know where he is, who he is with, and what he is doing, at all times.  It drives him crazy and he hates it, but he does it, as he knows it makes me happy.  He called me the entire time he was away.

We spoke all the time, he texted non-stop, and in the end he told me he appreciated how I watch over him, his staying in touch was not that hard, and it made him happy to make me happy.  He also told me if I thought he would be in contact this often when he’s in college, I was crazy.

I never mention my son’s name, or show his picture, yet so many people write me about him and comment on our relationship.  I appreciate that so many of my readers took the time to write and check in over these past few weeks.  Your thoughtfulness has filled me with joy.

For my birthday this year, I had a photo shoot for my son and me, with a professional photographer.  It was the first time I had ever done something like that and I was nervous even though I liked the photographer. Would she properly capture the love I have for this child?

Today, in anticipation of my boy coming home, I have been looking through the proofs and I go back and forth between crying and laughing.  The pictures speak volumes.  They go beyond being nice shots of a mother and her child, and are truly windows into my life with this boy.

My photographer’s name is Bryony Shearmur.  Bryony is from London, lives in LA, and I can guarantee that after 5 minutes with her, she will have looked into your heart, and translated that image into a photograph.  You will feel safe and free and forget she is even taking pictures.

My only regret in life is that I do not have pictures of my son and me together when he was growing up.  I have millions of picture of him, doing every single thing from the second he was born, but I spent so much time documenting his life, that I forgot to include myself.

As a single mom, I was always taking the picture so you occasionally see my arm or the top of my head, but we are not in any pictures together.  I look at the piles of pictures of my kid and my heart soars that I can look at his childhood, but it is crushing that we are not ever seen together.

That stops with the help of Bryony.  I was introduced to her through a client and thank goodness!  Her photographs of my boy and me are hanging throughout my house, are all over my Facebook, will be my holiday card, and made my mother cry.  I plan on having her shoot us forever.

If you have not had a professional photo taken of you and your kids, I recommend it.  If you live in the LA area, call Bryony.  Even if you don’t live here, call her.  From a wedding, to a Bar Mitzvah, to just a moment loving your kids, she will capture it as you never thought it could be.

It is Sunday afternoon and all I want to do is go to sleep so I can wake up to my baby comes home.  Thanks to everyone who helped me through the last 31 days.  My son will be home tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow I luv ya tomorrow!  I am waiting, and keeping the faith.