A Non-Date With My Canadian Non-Boyfriend

I had a date last night with tall, handsome, funny Canadian.  He also happens to be the boyfriend of my good girlfriend.  I adore my friend, and I love her boyfriend so much, she lent him out and we went on a date.  He is fabulous and we had a wonderful time.

The back-story is about my girlfriend “Shosh”.  We met thirteen years ago when our kids went to pre-school together.  Our boys spent 10 years at the same Day School, and during that time Shosh and I became good friends.  I have loved her from the very first day that I met her.

She is a beautiful girl.  When I met her we were both divorced, raising boys to be men, and had an instant connection.  I can remember looking at her, with her killer body and take no prisoners attitude, and thinking to myself, is that what a divorced single mom is supposed to look like?

She was a stunner and while I tried to be offended by the perfection of her tuchas, she was so lovely and real that I quickly got over my deep seeded envy of her body and we became friends.  We’ve been through a lot together and I have always admired her dedication to her children.

We spent less time together once our kids went to different middle schools, but we maintained contact, always checked in on each other, and saw each other when we could.  Regardless of how much time passes between visits, I can call her and she will come running to help me.

She sent me a note on Facebook telling me she was in love, her boyfriend had moved in, and she wanted me to meet him. She was convinced I would love him.  Not only because she loved him, but because he was the one thing I love more than anything.  He was Canadian.

I went over to say hello and meet her new man “Gretzky”.  My quick visit turned into 10 hour day by the pool, with lunch, then dinner.  I had the best time at her house and fell in love with her delicious Canadian.  I went to just meet him, and left with him being a new friend.

There is something about being with Canadians that is really wonderful.  Gretzky and I both grew up outside of Vancouver, and we talked about everything to do with our motherland.  From hockey to poutine, there was nothing we did not reminisce about.  It was almost as good as being home.

Shosh and Gretzky are a super cute couple and are embarking on a new life together.  I am impressed with their commitment to each other and their kids.  Gretzky has two very young boys, and Shosh has two teenagers, the older one about to leave for college.  I applaud her taking it all on.

I have chosen to not date men with young children as starting over when my own child is getting ready to spread his wings and fly, is something that I just can’t see for myself.  Shosh has embraced this man and his children, and is changing her life to start over and build this new family.

They are all very sweet together and I don’t doubt that they will be magic.  That said, if you are my friend, and you are dating a Canadian, knowing how I feel about my homeland and her people, you better be willing to share him with me.  Thankfully Shosh is a giver like that.

Gretzky and I went out for dinner and it was fabulous.  We speak the same language, which was heaven.  There are certain things that are quintessentially Canadian and it was like I was with my brother.  We talked about everything and I came home feeling connected to home.

With my son away for so long, time with Gretzky was just what I needed.  Home is where my son is, and since he’s been on holiday, I am left feeling like home sucks.  Gretzky reminded me my son is in my heart, and Canada is also home.  It was an important thing to remember.

You have to love a girlfriend who will lend out her boyfriend.  I love Shosh and our new boyfriend Gretzky.  Thanks to them both for a great night.  I feel reconnected with Canada, and with only 4 days until my baby comes home, I’m happy, excited, and keeping the faith.