At home with Washington and Lincoln

As the country celebrates Presidents Day this weekend, let’s take a look at a decorating trend that will have you declaring independence from boredom. Yes, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln-themed home accessories are the latest in designer chic. From bedding to lighting, they’ll turn any home into a presidential suite.

Lincoln Shower Curtain


The 16th U.S. President makes a splash in this functional art piece for the bathroom.


Lincoln Cookie Cutter


Because nothing shows your patriotism like Lincoln-shaped sugar cookies.


Lincoln Duvet Cover


With this duvet cover, you can now sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom.

From $189

Top Hat Pendant Lamp


A lamp this cool only comes along once every four score and seven years.


Washington Hook Pillow


One hundred percent wool makes this Commander in Chief absolutely huggable.


Washington Double Old-Fashioned Glass


Raise a glass to our first president in style.


Washington Bust Linocut


You don’t need to cross the Delaware for this framed limited edition.


Washington Scented Candle


I’m not sure what Washington smelled like. Perhaps cherry? (JDandKateIndustries)