October 17, 2018

Make a school supply cake — The ultimate teacher appreciation gift

If you have kids going back to school this month, help them ace Teacher Appreciation 101 with a teacher gift that will be the hit of the classroom. This “cake” made of school supplies is beautiful yet practical, filled with items teachers can actually use — pencils, crayons, glue — and even antiseptic wipes. It also doesn’t cost much to make: taking advantage of great back-to-school sales (boxes of crayons for 50 cents!), this cake cost less than $40. And assembling it is, well, a piece of cake.

What you’ll need:

School supplies

Tub of disinfecting wipes (105 count)
Pencils, 9 boxes (12-ct)
Crayons, 8 boxes (24-ct)
Glue (5 bottles)
Glue sticks (10 sticks)
Pencil cup
Colored pencils 

Other materials

12-inch to 14-inch round piece of cardboard
Roll of glue dots
Rubber bands

Note: Of course, you can vary the type of supplies you use based on the student’s grade level.

1. Position the tub of disinfecting wipes in the middle of a cardboard round. (You can cover the cardboard first with wrapping paper, if you wish.) Place glue dots on the bottom of the tub so it won’t move around.

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