Real Housewives of Atlanta – Dumb and Dumber

Thank you for waiying on this one………

When we met Kenya I thought she was the dumbest housewife ever. I was wrong. Atlanta has outdone herself by introducing us to Porsha.  Dear Lord.  This chick is a dingbat.  I can't be bothered to Google her and see if she is educated because it won't matter.  She could have a PhD and would still be the dumbest housewife ever.  She is young and dumb, which is reality TV gold.

We'll get to the Chrissy Snow of Atlanta in a minute because start off with the divine Ms. NeNe Leakes.  NeNe is getting a pedicure with Gregg and it is gross.  I know he is trying to win her back, but it is all just too much.  There is almost an insincerity to it.  He is begging for a key, just like last week, and while I get the desire to put your family back together, I just don't see it

Lawrence arrives and it is cute, but I'm bored.  I love NeNe and I love Lawrence, but the scenes with Gregg have overstayed their welcome. Over with Phaedra and Apollo. we learn he is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.  He is yummy and they are cute together, but they seem like brother and sister, not husband and wife because there is no spark.

Phaedra and Apollo are talking about the exercise video they are making together.  The pushing of their ideas is lame to me.  I like Phaedra but I am not buying her video, or having her bury my dog.  In fact, I am not having her represent me in court either.  Phaedra is a television star and that should be enough for her.  All these offshoots are laughable and she needs to stop.

We are now listening to Kim whine about how hard her life is because she has to move.  Really?  Shut up  Kim.  She is a pig, not interesting, and an entitled slutbag who married well.  By married well of course I mean after she whored well.  I don't get this chick, do not think she should be on TV, and am embarrassed for her children by everything she says.

We meet Porsha and she is not to be believed.  She acts like a teenager, talks like a teenager, looks like a teenager, and is probably just a little more annoying and slightly dumber than a teenager.  She is meeting Kenya for lunch so she can ask her to attend a charity event.  Kenya thinks it is because she is a celebrity, but it is because Bravo made Porsha ask her.

Porsha is chatting to Kenya about the event, then gets personal, and Kenya starts to go crazy.  It is fascinating to watch her personalities switch.  She wants to be a lady and professional, but the crazy is just so obvious. It is fantastic.  I picture her going home and cutting herself, while she cooks a bunny on the stove, and talks about what a bitch Porsha is. Kenya is good TV.

Porsha is the granddaughter of Hosea Williams, the civil rights leader.  She is spoiled, ignorant to what is going on in the real world, and married to a football star.  Did she remind anyone else of Melissa Gorga?  There is something about her that brought Melissa to mind.  I don't like this chick at first glance, but God Bless her for being so dumb.  I will give her a chance. 

NeNe is in NYC and we are supposed to believe Cynthia is there modeling.  Bravo has lost their mind if they think we are buying this storyline.  Cynthia is boring as hell, but she is going to take NeNe on the subway and that will be fun.  Back in Atlanta, Kandi is moving and we are asked to watch her pack boxes for three minutes.  Not happening.  I'm skipping over it.

Phaedra meets Kenya for a drink and the two of them are like Frick and Frack.  Kenya is wasted and Phaedra digs it.  Kenya offers to produce the workout video. Phaedra manipulates her offering, so good for her. They talk about Kenya's love life and childhood, and Phaedra tells her to speak up because a closed mouth does not get fed.  I am digging Phaedra.

Kenya is telling Phaedra about the challenges and heartaches of her childhood and I love her at this moment.  Her mother is not well, has hurt her in profound ways, and I get her.  She is is still batshit crazy, but bless her. Kenya seriously seems unstable.  She can switch from laughing to crying in the blink of an eye and I think casting her was as dangerous Kim in BH.

Back over to Kim, I am skipping this crap.  Kim and Kandi are a complete waste of time on this episode and I am not watching. Cynthia and NeNe are on the subway and NeNe is fabulous.  I love her.  She is charming, funny, sweet and authentic.  I want to be friends with Nene. She gets on the train and says hello to everyone.  NeNe needs to have her own show.

It is the night of Porsha's event and she looks beautiful. Drag Queenesque, but still very pretty.  Kenya arrives and is disappointed the event is not something more.  Porsha could not be sweeter, and Kenya is getting ready to eat her alive.  It is going to get ugly people.  Porsha's husband arrives to give the charity a gift and Kenya is so jealous her head might blow off.

He first gives his wife a gift in front of everyone and it's weird.  He then gives her a check and she kicks him out because it is for women only.  He leaves, Kenya drools, Porsha gloats, and I am laughing.  Porsha introduces Kenya as Miss America instead of Miss USA.  Perfection. Kenya compares herself to Michelle Obama and I am dying.  Her crazy is too good.

Kenya is freezing and keeps telling Porsha to fix it.  Porsha is annoyed, Kenya is waiting for Lawrence to come, and opts to stand outside where it is 110 degrees, over sitting at the table with happily married Porsha.  Kenya leaves the party with no mention to Porsha that she is bailing. She then starts singing to herself, and Porsha goes out to see what is going on.

Porsha is being lovely and Kenya is a bitch on wheels.  Lawrence arrives and Kenya is telling him what a dud the party is. Porsha comes out, again, to tell them dinner has been served.  Kenya is crazy and Porsha is sweet.  Super dumb, but sweet, and I feel bad for her.  Porsha is being a lady and Kenya is pathetic.  Porsha says she is being disrespectful.

Kenya is not having it.  She tells Porsha her event is whack and was a waste of her time.  Porsha holds it together and tells her to leave.  Kenya says Porsha is nothing on her own, only the wife of someone important, or the granddaughter of someone important.  Kenya tells us she made a name for herself and Porsha needs to do the same.  I believe Ms. Kenya is high.

Kenya thinks she is someone important but the thing is, we have no idea who the hell she is.  If she didn't tell us every second she won Miss America, we would have no idea. Was it Miss USA?  Who cares!  Porsha may be dumb, but by the end of the show I liked her.  Not all of ladies of Atlanta are interesting but some are good TV so I'm in and keeping it real.