Black Friday Madness

What kind of crazy person goes out at midnight on a holiday to wait in line with other crazy people to save a few dollars?  That would be me. Dear Lord.  For the 4th consecutive year I did what I promised myself I would never do again.  I went shopping on Black Friday.

I did save a lot of money, but it has become more than that.  There is something invigorating about heading out into the madness.  People are generally in a good mood and while the lines are long, it is quite a pleasant experience.  I have a new theory about why it is fun.

We are all out there, embarrassed that we are doing it, publicly admitting we are crazy, and therefore scared of all the other crazy people because we know that at any moment, with no warning, someone could snap and the experience could take a dark and scary turn.  The holiday spirit is lurking, but it has not fully kicked in.

The people watching is as much fun, if not more, than the actual shopping and bargain hunting.  People are tired, babies are sleeping, kids are crying, husbands are pissed off, and mothers are just trying to keep it all together while trying to slip in something for themselves.

I went out and got what I needed, only to find that I need few more things. The true insanity is that after a night of shopping, and a day of work, I am now going to head out again.  I can justify the additional shopping because at once a year, the insanity is temporary,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  To the brave souls who went shopping, I hope you got good deals and crossed a lot of shopping off your list. If you see me this afternoon, know I am on round two and could blow at any moment.  Stay clear and keep the faith!