RHOA is Back & NeNe is the Reason to Watch

I love the women of Atlanta and this show is good television.  I watch them with fascination, curiosity, and fear.  Some of them intimidate the crap out of me, and others are women I want to be best friends with.  As the season progresses you will know who is who.  By the season of course I mean you will know half way through this blog.   I am thrilled they are back!

We start with Gregg going to visit NeNe, and it is just weird.  He is desperate in his approach to getting her back and I find it uncomfortable to watch.  I get that they have a 15 year history, but he should have thought about that before he screwed her over.  He tells her they can’t toss it away and I’m thinking Gregg is a schmuck.  She’s too good for him.

I don’t know these people, or know what their relationship is, but I do know that Nene is fabulous and I am of the opinion that she should move on. NeNe makes a trailer joke about Kim, and tells Gregg to get his sexy back. I am in love with her.  I want to be her neighbor, friend, sister, assistant, whatever. She is good people and good television.  I am Team NeNe.

Moving on to Kandi, we meet her new boyfriend Todd.  He is yummy looking, seems really sweet, and Kandi has never looked better.  She really does look happy and at peace, which makes me happy.  I like her and she has earned this joy.  To clarify however, she is a gossip and a troublemaker, but maybe love has mellowed her out.  Time will tell, but I doubt it.

Over to Kim, she is pregnant with her 4th child, looks amazing, and is the same.  Her parents send a check to the baby for $25 for his birthday, and she knocks them down, which I thought was lame.  She has hired back Sweetie, has on a horrific wig with harsh bangs, and is complaining about how hard her life is.  She has become completely offensive.

Phaedra looks great, and she is hoping to expand her funeral business into burying dead pets.  Dear Lord.  She is trying to label herself as an entrepreneur, but instead she looks like a crazy person who is selling her soul to the devil for a few dollars.  I like this chick, but come on. It’s a great idea, but she manages to make it creepy.  God Bless her.

Cynthia is still married to Peter, which is a shocker.  Her ex, Leon, is there and I wonder how she manages to be in the same room with them both and wonder what the hell she did marrying such a loser.  Sidebar:  Did Cynthia have her boobs done?  They are huge.  Cynthia is home schooling her kid, Leon is not into it, Peter is, and we are missing part of the story.

Cynthia talks about how only she knows her daughter, and her daughter wants to be home schooled.  Cut to the daughter saying she never wanted to be home schooled, and really wants to go back to school.  I don’t get it and more importantly I don’t really care.  Cynthia is not interesting and I am surprised she is even back for another season.

We now meet the first of two new housewives, Kenya.   She is a former Miss. USA, and in a word, she is crazy.  You can see it from the get go.  There is a fakeness to her smile, which may just be a pageant thing, but I don’t trust her.  Watch out girls, this one is trouble.  She is very pretty, says she’s been proposed to six times, and I think is lying about it all.

She likes to talk about herself and all of her accomplishments, but I’ve never heard of her.  She is in Atlanta to follow a man and get him to marry her.  I’m guessing that never happens.  That she thought putting this all out on television, with this already established group of chicks, would work for her, proves that she is in fact a whack-a-doodle.

Kim is off to visit Kandi at her new house.  Kandi has a beautiful home and Kim tells us it is in the hood and she is scared.  Kim is a bitch, and the house is lovely.  Kim is being horrible and Kandi sees it.  She is rude, a racist, and I am over her on this show.  Kim is all about Kim.  Nothing changes.  I think I shall blog the rest of the show without mentioning Kim.

We get to see Ayden all grown up and he is gorgeous.  While I’m sure it means nothing, we have seen the significant others and exes of everyone but Phaedra.  Where is Apollo?  Back to Nene, she is meeting with Ryan Murphy and it is cute.  I love NeNe.  She has achieved tremendous success and that she is still on this show, where it all began, is fabulous.

We are at the Bailey Agency and it’s ridiculous.  Cynthia says she is making history and I am laughing at her.  Cynthia is forced to invite Kenya so they can try to be friends, and says she thought it would be fun.  Too Funny. Kenya is being a total bitch, Cynthia is embarrassed, and I am seeing all kinds of crazy in our future with this chick.

Kenya tells us she is a public figure, and as such, always has security with her because people are crazy.  Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.  This chick is going to either make the show fabulous, or totally ruin it.  Too early to tell, but I’m guessing I will be giving her a smack down long before I am talking about what great TV she is.  She was clearly cast to be made fun of.

Cynthia is weak, Kenya is crazy, Kim is annoying, Kandi is happy, Sheree is out, Phaedra is desperate, Porsha has the episode off, NeNe is fabulous, and I am in for the long haul.  These women are not all entertaining, but they are fascinating.  They are going to drive me nuts, but blogging will be fun. I am real.