RHBH and Brandi Glanville Make it Official

With the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about to start their new season, many loyal viewers are excited to welcome Brandi Glanville as a full-fledged member of the cast.  Brandi is uncensored, unapologetic, and insanely sarcastic.  In a sea of crap, she adds realness to a show that has been pissing us off.  Brandi has me excited about watching the ladies again.

I am going into the season with the following opinions: Taylor Armstrong is a loser, Kim Richards is pathetic, Kyle Richards is a bitch, Adrienne Maloof is a moron, Lisa Vanderpump is perfection, Camille Grammer is invisible, and Brandi Glanville is the one person who might help cut down on the drinking that is required to watch.  My liver is very happy she is there.

Brandi is open and does not hesitate to answer any questions.  She is honest, and painfully sarcastic.  By painful of course I mean it is freaking awesome.  I am a sarcasm expert, so I get it, but some people, especially on Twitter, don’t understand how Brandi’s sense of humor works.  While frustrating for her, it is hilarious for those of us who get it.

No matter what Brandi tweets, people assume she is talking about her ex and the whore.  If she refers to a woman without a name, people think she is talking about a housewife.  The fact is, if Brandi was talking about someone, she would use their name.  She is not scared.  If she is talking about a friend, and the friend gets the joke, she owes no explanation to us.

Brandi spends a lot of time on Twitter explaining herself after people make assumptions, or get annoyed with her.  Really?  People need to realize this woman is hilarious and if you don’t understand what she tweets, don’t assume anything, just appreciate that not everyone gets sarcasm, and move on.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  I’m sure you have other gifts.

Once Brandi and I talked about our kids and got caught up, she told me she was nervous about the first episode of RHBH.  While she feels more accepted now that she is in the cast, she is very aware that not all the cast are her fans.  They are going to have to deal with her because she is back, she is legit, and her honesty will piss people off.

Brandi has a close and meaningful relationship with Lisa Vanderpump. Perhaps it’s because neither one of them cares what people think of them, are not afraid to be honest, and can appreciate what sarcasm is. It took me a minute to get Lisa and now that I do, I think she is divine.  I speak fluent sarcasm so it must have been the booze that confused me about Lisa.

Brandi does not take herself too seriously, but is amazed so many others do.  We spoke about a lot of personal things before we got to the show and so let me clarify a few things for both her fans, and her haters.  She has both, like all the housewives do, but she possesses a respect that is lacking in other women.  Brandi is simply not a hater.

I asked Brandi what she thought about being labeled “Team Melissa”, and getting slack from Teresa fans.  Once she stopped laughing, she explained she is not on either team.  She has met both Teresa and Melissa, and she thought both ladies were fabulous. To clarify, they are not close friends, as much as they are simply part of the same sorority.

Melissa and Joe invited Brandi to dinner when they were in Los Angeles.  She found them to be charming, adorable, and really funny.  She says they seemed very much in love, and very small.  I feel like a hobbit next to Brandi so I can just imagine how tiny the Gorgas must look.  Brandi enjoyed their dinner, but it was in no way picking a team. 

She met Teresa at a housewife event and thought was beautiful and sweet, but a little intimidating.  As a new housewife, who is just getting her feat wet, I’d be intimidated by Tre too.  Brandi says she has not picked a team and I believe her.  Trust me, if this chick were on team we would know about it.  She is not scared to share, so we would know.

Brandi is grateful for Team Brandi and the Brandi Bunch on Twitter.   She knows how loyal they are to her and appreciates it.  They can be an aggressive bunch, but she knows their support is genuine and she feels their kindness.  She tweets often, tweets herself, knows who her big supporters are, and feels lucky to have the opportunities and fans she has.

Brandi has an on again off again relationship with a man she loves.  She does not want to get married again, or have any more children, but she does want love and companionship.  The man she dates, much like a lot of the press, does not think she is that funny.  It is annoying when it comes to her man, but frustrating when it comes to the press.  People need to chill.

It’s hard for Brandi when she does an interview, is sarcastic, and the interviewer doesn’t get it.  They then write stories that make her look like a bitch, stupid, or mean spirited, which are three things she is not.  She is quick witted and means no harm, so she is not apologizing for how she is. She will simply laugh at those who don’t get it.

Brandi is very excited about her upcoming book. She covers a lot of topics and shares a lot of stories.  This is a girl’s girl who is willing to share her missteps in order to help a sister out.  She walked through hell during her very public divorce, and she now has peace.  Her heart was broken, and while she may never understand how it happened, she is over it.

Brandi Glanville is happy.  She has released her hate, owned her sorrow, and embraced her future.  She is mending her broken heart, learning from mistakes, and thankful every moment of every day for her two sons. Her life is about keeping them safe and happy.  She has let go of her demons and is focused on being the best mom to them.

I asked Brandi to describe herself in three words and she chose satisfied, exhilarated, and cautious.  When I asked her to describe the new season of RHBH, she chose litigious, confusing, and crazy.  There is a lot of focus on marriage, divorce, and fighting, so the fans will definitely not be bored, as there are a lot of unexpected twists and turns. 

Brandi is open and kind, funny and sweet.  I feel sorry for the people who don’t get her because they are missing out on a hoot of a chick.  I will be tuning in to the new season and can’t wait for all the fighting that Brandi tells us is coming.  Most of the housewives of Beverly Hills are full of crap, so it will be refreshing to have Brandi keeping it real.