Dumping George Clooney for Daniel Craig

I dream a lot about George Clooney.  It’s not always the actual Clooney in my dreams, but most of the men I dream about have Clooney’s face. Any man who appears in my dreams, bus driver, teacher, fisherman, or pilot, looks like George Clooney.  I take comfort in knowing I will meet up with George in my dreams.  He is always there, always fabulous, and always mine.

In my dreams George and I have gotten married, been on Dancing With The Stars, had a baby, been to the Oscars®, and simply cooked dinner together. Our love affair has been going on in my mind for years.  If I were ever to come across George in real life, I would simply walk on past and ignore him. He is perfect in my dreams and I don’t want to change that. Better I keep him perfect.

By walk on past, of course I mean I would latch onto him and have to be removed by authorities.  I like to think I’d be cool and not care, but come on. I love him and he is my dream man.  Literally. The other day I had a very restless sleep.  George did not show and I was up several times during the night.  I was unable to get comfortable, so I gave up.

I slinked out of the bedroom as the Englishman slept.  By slept of course I mean out like a light. This man sleeps deep.  He could, and has, slept through earthquakes.  I went to make a cup of tea as I cursed George for not showing up.  I wondered around the house for a bit, hung out with the cat, emptied the dishwasher, and went back to bed.

As I walked into the room, at the risk of sounding like a romance novel, the moonlight was streaming across my bed and hit the Englishman across the face.  I had to stop for a minute because I saw something rather interesting.  There in my bed, oblivious to my inability to sleep, was Daniel Craig.  Forget about Clooney, I had Bond. James Bond, in my bed.

It turns out my Englishman looks a bit like Daniel Craig.  From piercing blue eyes, to the rugged face, along with the English accent thrown in for good measure, I have my own Bond at home.  I have always felt my Englishman is wonderful, and felt no issue with spending my slumber with George.  That said, I think my nights with George have come to an end.

I am going to spend my time in bed with Mr. Bond.  In fact, this newfound discover provides me with a whole new list of fantasies that can actually come true.  In a few weeks I will be jetting to London with my Englishman, and I think there will be a lot of James Bond action happening.  The possibilities are endless, and they are sexy as hell.

I am going to write down my dreams with Bond, so my fantasies can come true with my Englishman.  Why should I dream about Clooney, when Daniel Craig is in my bed?  What a lucky girl I am that my fantasy and my reality look the same.  If you love Clooney, his evenings are now free, so enjoy. When it comes to sweet dreams, I am keeping the faith.