LeAnn Rimes Pulls a Bethenny with Katie Couric

LeAnn Rimes has been trying really hard to get herself in the news in anticipation of her new album.  She has gone on Twitter to humiliate herself, spent her free time in fake rehab, and had the brilliant idea that if she sues innocent people who could care less about her, she can get her name out there, score some sympathy votes, and maybe sell a record or two.

Last week she chose to continue the hilarious spectacle she is making of herself by going on the new Katie Couric talk show to share how hard her life is, cry a few tears, and get people to like her.  Katie was probably not the best choice since nobody is really watching that show, but I tuned in, and let me just say, this woman is a mess and needs some serious PR help.

In the interest of full disclosure, LeAnn Rimes does not like me.  (Something about my going on Twitter and calling her a skanky whore who stole a husband and ruined a family.)  Her pal Daryl Brown is also not a fan of mine. He likes to threaten me with lawsuits, talk about my being a bad Jew, and claim that because he went to Israel once, he is a wonderful person.

This blog is not to hash up my history with LeAnn, or the people she employs to be her friends.  It is about her interview with Katie.  However, to be clear, so you can stop reading if you are a fan of hers, I think LeAnn Rimes is a selfish liar who ruined a marriage, uses her stepchildren for publicity, is mentally unstable, and has way too much time on her hands.

Katie starts by gushing over LeAnn, then jumps right into her visit to fake rehab.  No mention of her obsession with Twitter, her lawsuits against innocent people, or her eating disorder.  Just her need to get rest in “rehab”. The same rehab she kept checking out of to perform concerts around the country.  Why do an interview if you are going to hide things?

LeAnn talks about how rehab was a birthday present to herself.  She then breaks down because people don’t understand why she hurts so badly.  LeAnn goes full out Bethenny and blames all her unhappiness on her lost childhood. Poor baby had “everything ripped” from her.  She got to buy her parents a house at 12, but damn it, she was a miserable, poor little rich girl!

Important to note that I think LeAnn sings like an angel.  I can separate her personality as a human being from her gifts.  She is beyond talented.  She sings effortlessly and is it truly beautiful.  I won’t buy her album because I just won’t, but I will not turn her off when she comes on the radio.  The girl can sing like nobody’s business and I applaud her talent.

Sidebar:  Why is her husband not there with her?  Why is he not talking about how he supports her, feels bad that she got caught up in a mess because he thought with his penis not his brain?  He could have taken the fall and tried to help her sell records but he didn’t, which is weird, because he is all about her money and should be helping her make some.

LeAnn is angry about the loss of her childhood and there is a little girl inside of her she still wants to develop.  Is she serious?  What a load of crap.  Just as Bethenny pulled the poor me card, LeAnn is trying the same sob story and it’s ridiculous.  Almost as ridiculous as her saying the friends she met in rehab will be her lifelong friends.  Really?  She was there 5 minutes.

We hear a little of LeAnn’s new song, “What Have I Done?” Well, since you asked, you slept with a married man, cheated on your husband, ripped apart the family of two young children, then flaunted it all over the Internet in an attempt to look like the perfect wife and mother to kids that are not yours. What have you done?  You’ve been a pathetic harlot.

LeAnn laughs about child stars dying, and acts as if she is the only one to survive childhood success.  What a loser.  She says she does not understand why people are so harsh on her.  If she does not know why people judge her then we are dealing with someone who is mentally impaired.  Perhaps the lack of food has caused her brain to be weak?  I do not like this girl.

Marriages end all the time.  People cheat all the time.  I don't think LeAnn is horrible because she cheated and ruined a family.  What I hate is how she flaunted it and seem to get pleasure in showing the world what she had done.  LeAnn behaved badly and that is why we can't stand her.  She is a rude, ignorant, immature, ignorant, selfish, and stupid slut.  To harsh?  No.

She says that she explains what she went though with the affair on her album.  A hilarious attempt to get people to care about what she has to say. We don’t care what you say because it will all be a lie.  She says she loves Eddie and they are happy as can be.  She then says the one thing that I was really hoping she would not say.  She talks about the kids as if they are hers.

She should never speak of those kids as if they are hers because they are not. They are his kids and she is blessed to be in their lives, but they are not hers. She says she feels horrible for the part she played in hurting those involved in her love affair with Eddie, and I am laughing.  Laughing at her.  LeAnn may have hoped Katie would help, but it was an epic failure.

By the end of the interview I lost all respect for Katie and her lightweight interview.  I still think LeAnn is talented, and am even more certain she is both a slut and a moron.  In the words of Maya Angelou, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”  LeAnn should take a good look at her douchebag husband and start keeping it real.