Conversations From Twitter Part 9

After a couple of months off from my Twitter interviews, I am back with a new one and thrilled to introduce you all to Crystal. You may know her @CrystalGPink.  Crystal is a reality fan who uses her own name and picture, which as you know, says a lot about her.  No egg or fake name for this girl.

Crystal is a very nice woman. She is kind and soft-spoken on Twitter and I find myself feeling protective of her.  I imagined her as shy and sensitive but it turns out she is anything but.  This is one tough lady who has overcome a lot in her life.  She is a special lady, an amazing mom, and I adore her.

Crystal is 33 years old, has two daughters, is a single mom, and works as an office manager.  She grew up in a way that has inspired her to be the best mother she can be.  She has been in relationships where people take and she gives, but is now ready to accept love and not just give it.

She grew up watching the dysfunctional relationship of her parents and she wants more for her own kids.  She was willing to walk away and do it on her own, rather than have her girls grow up seeing love as it is not meant to be. She wants them to have more, and sacrifices herself to allow that.

Her grandparents raised Crystal because both of her parents were ill with addiction.   She grew up wondering why her mother never wanted her, which is crushing for a child.  Even though she could easily say she was a victim, she won’t allow that.  She is a survivor and very proud.

She took care of her mother when she was ill, was with her beloved grandmother when she passed, and is focused on enjoying every minute of her life.  Her top priority is making sure her kids know they are loved and all of their dreams can come true if they believe, and work hard.

Crystal worked 3 jobs at 17, was nursing her mother off of crack, and after 9 years of violin lessons, gave up a full music scholarship to university to help her family with money.  This woman has been to hell and back and leans on her faith to keep her facing forward.

She is showing her kids what a real woman is and she inspires me.  She monitors her kids with love and structure.  She has eyes in the back of her head and her ears are always open.  We parent in the same way and I feel a true validation from our sisterhood of being single moms.

Crystal loves reality television and is a real fan of Twitter.  She is not addicted however, and so when things get too dark and mean for her, she simply walks away and takes a break.  She likes the sharing of opinions and enjoys when people are able to view differently, but share kindly.

She has learned to not take Twitter personally, and have compassion for those who are clearly crazy.  She thinks Real Housewives of New Jersey is dark and difficult to watch, but loves Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen.  She is a serious cook, loves to feed people, and wants people to eat!

Crystal has a solid connection to her faith and God.  She is not ashamed of her childhood, knowing that everything had a purpose and led her to a blessed life with her children.  She makes no excuses for her choices and has created the life she always wanted.

I asked Crystal to describe herself in three words and she chose strong, smart and survivor.  Good choices. I hope she finds the man of her dreams to enhance her family and bring her true joy.  Find @CrystalGPink on Twitter and you will be inspired by how she keeps it real.