Religion, Politics & Sex

I appreciate that religion, politics, and sex are taboo subjects to talk about. The problem is that I write about my worldview for a Jewish publication, we have a Presidential election coming up, and I am in a new relationship, so all I want to write about is religion, politics and sex. 

I write a lot about faith. I have shared my search for faith, my leaning on faith, and my trying to have a better understanding of faith.  I am Jewish.  I was born Jewish, I was raised Jewish,  I married a Jew, I divorced a Jew, I am raising a Jew, and I am currently dating a Jew.  Judaism is my faith.

I am in awe of people who can overcome traumatic things due to faith. When I hear of a woman who lost everything in a tornado say she thanks God for blessing her, I love her.  When I hear a mother talking about losing her child and saying God will ease her sorrow, I love her. 

I have had times of tremendous faith in my life, and other times when I have questioned God and found it hard to have faith in anything.  I am at a place in my life where I have a connection to God, a belief in the power of prayer, and a real pride in being a modern, Jewish woman.

My blogs have inspired people to call me a stupid Jew, a bad Jew, an ugly Jew, and an ignorant Jew.  I don’t recall exactly what I wrote to inspire such attacks, but I can assure you I was writing about religion, politics, or sex.  I am often referred to as a “Jewish writer”.

I am Jewish and I write for  I am not particularly religious, but I am a Jew and I am proud.  My blogs may not be your cup of tea, and that is perfectly fine, but know that it is because you don’t like what I’m saying, not because I am a bad Jew.

I am interested in politics.  Like religion, it polarizes people and inspires hate in a way I simply do not understand.  When I met Sarah Palin in a parking lot, then wrote about it, I received heartfelt fan letters, along with death threats.  It was a truly fascinating experience.

When I said I thought she was fabulous, her supporters made me out to be a hero of mainstream media.  When I said I really enjoyed my time with her, but would never vote for her, the same people who praised me, said I was a moron and going to hell for being a bad person.

When I tweeted I loved Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC, I lost followers. When I said I thought Romney was a caveman, I got attacked.  When I said I liked Obama and felt he needed four more years, a petition was started to get me deported back to Canada.

People take politics seriously, which they should, but it gets ugly. I support President Obama and think Romney is bad for women, bad for business, and bad for America.  You can disagree with me, but again, my opinions are my own, and have nothing to do with my being Jewish.

America is a wonderful country and it makes me sad that in a place struggling to regain her strength, we are more concerned with labeling each other politically and religiously, than we are in uniting to make her great.  Freedom of religion and the ability to vote, rips us apart.

That brings us to sex.  I am interested in the sex lives of others, the dance people do to get to sex in relationships, and what they do to keep it fresh once they’ve gotten there. I’m not voyeuristic, or interested in talking about my own sex life, just not intimidated by sex.

Sex is one of the great things about being an adult and it is surprising so many people are uptight talking about it.  Sex when you are in love is great. There is comfort and peace that allows you to relax.  That said, there is something passionate about sex without love.

Is sex better when you don’t love someone and can let go of your inhibitions and just enjoy?  Or is it better when there is an emotional connection?  Can we even tell the difference?  If you are naked in bed with someone does love matter?  The act of sex is the same either way.

I am raising my son to respect sex.  I know he is going to have it one day, and I want it to matter to him.  It's hard for a woman to raise a son on her own, but at the same time he is being raised by a woman's voice and view so he will be ahead of the game when he has adult relations.

Important to note that when I say I know my son will have sex one day, I am not ready for that day to come.  At almost 17 he may be ready physically, but it is more important to me that he be ready emotionaly and spiritually. I know I have no say in his sex life, but a mom can hope!

I love it when people tell me I am a mother and therefore should not talk about sex.  Really?  I had a child. I’ve had sex. Maybe if people talked about sex more they would not be so tense about politics and religion.  Perhaps they should actually have sex instead of talking about it.

At the end of the day I am a Jewish Democrat that is not scared to discuss faith, politics or sex.  Am I going to hell?  Well Jews don’t believe in hell, but I can assure that if I am going, these are not the top three reasons why. We all need to lighten up and not worry so much.

Let’s not focus on someone's religion, but rather support their faith. Let’s not vote for a party, but rather vote for what is best for our country. Let’s not be uptight about sex, but rather just enjoy it.  I will continue to write about religion, politics, and sex.  I will share my voice knowing I am keeping it real and keeping the faith.