Real Housewives of New Jersey – Start Firing!

With each episode of this season it becomes more obvious that the majority of this cast is no longer good television.  Caroline is bitter and nasty, Jac is boring and bitchy, Kathy is fake and calculated, Melissa is jealous and vengeful, and Teresa is in need of her own show without these bitches.

Andy Cohen claimed the cast of New York City had gotten dark and the fans were no longer responding so they fired Kelly, Alex and Jill, yet New Jersey is so dark families are falling apart in front of our eyes and they keep the cast in tact.  They need to do some firing in New Jersey.

Teresa is good television, and whether you like her or not, you cannot watch this show and not think the systematic attacks on her by all the other ladies is painful.  We knew there would be some backlash because of her skyrocketing fame, but it has become ridiculous.

By unwatchable of course I mean we are all still watching, but for me it is to support Teresa and marvel at how ugly the other women have become, particularly Caroline.  This woman, along with her pathetic and boring children, should be ashamed of their behavior on the show.

We start this week with the only entertaining part of this show, Teresa.  She is with her kids and let me just say, these children are truly divine looking.  They are absolutely gorgeous, beyond entertaining, and I would gladly watch a show based on this family.  They are riveting.

Teresa is talking to Gia and letting her know the family will be okay.  Gia is obviously saddened by the situation, annoyed with her little sisters, and tolerant of her embarrassing mother.  Hard to believe she is only 10.  She is lovely, but don’t get me started on Milania.

Milania is hilarious to me.  She is feisty, opinionated, and an instigator to her sisters.  I love her.  All four of Teresa’s kids are entertaining in their own way.  They are spectacular looking with different personalities.  These kids are good TV, unlike the Manzo kids who are truly a hot mess.

Over at Kathy’s house we see Rosie talking about being gay.  I love Rosie and she should get her own show too, but the storyline seems forced and scripted which it’s a drag.  Rosie is going to come out to Kathy’s kids and she is nervous about it.  It’s sweet, but come on, they knew already.

Joe takes Melissa to see his work and Melissa decides to use the scene as an audition.  She pretends the building is haunted, does a little horror movie/soap opera audition, and I want to scream.  By scream of course I mean punch someone in the face.  I find her offensive.

Joe and Melissa talk about the issues between him and Teresa and offers Teresa to go to therapy.  Melissa is a snake and she tells Joe she wants them to make up but in truth she does not. Melissa is so jealous of Teresa she is willing to ruin a family in order to get her own fame.

There is blame on Teresa and Joe of course, but this would not be going on this long, or be this hurtful, were it not for Melissa and her jealously.  She scammed her way on the show and while I liked her in the beginning, she has shown her true colors and it is the bright green of envy.

Teresa is with Kim D. who advises her to go to therapy with Joe. Melissa also supports Joe in going to therapy with his sister.  By supports of course I mean she supports anything that will result in her getting more airtime, and she can manipulate this into more camera time for sure.

Over at Caroline’s house we learn that her brother Jaime is getting married to his partner of 13 years.  I like Jaime and follow him on Twitter.  He has great recipes and is very funny and sweet.  Jaime would be a better full time character on this show than his old hag of a sister Caroline.

Jac and Teresa are also going to the wedding and it’s going to get ugly.  Jac is a busybody who stirs the pot and Caroline, who always talks about how important family is, refuses to acknowledge her family is a mess and her own kids are all she has because no one can stand her.

Teresa is talking to Jac about Joe wanting to go to therapy and calls it physical therapy, which is cute.  Jac is supportive to her face then throws her under the bus to the camera.  Teresa is sweet but in denial.  That said, she is not malicious, just naïve in her pursuit of peace and love.

Rosie comes out to Kathy’s kids and I cried.  She is a beautiful woman and while I love her and enjoy her time on this show. I feel like she is being manipulated by Bravo, and Kathy talking to the camera seems like really bad acting to me.  I love Rosie though and she did brilliantly.

Jac and Chris are getting ready to go to the wedding and making gay jokes.  Teresa and Juicy are getting ready for the wedding and making gay jokes.  On an episode that is about being brave and coming out, this is disrespectful.  Jac moves off the gay topic and jumps to Ashlee.

She once again talks badly about her own child and it is disgusting already.  She cannot go one week without saying something to hurt, humiliate or embarrass Ashlee and I am sick of it.  Jac should not be surprised her daughter can’t stand her but rather surprised she still has a job.

Kathy and Rich rent a shore house for the summer and I cannot for the life of me find anything entertaining about this family other than Rosie. It’s weird that in one scene Rosie is crying and coming out to the kids, then in the next scene she is flirting with girls in front of the kids.

It is scripted, fake and not that entertaining.  Following Rosie around on her pursuit of love would be fun but watching Bravo manipulate her is not cute. This week is boring all around and feels like a filler episode to get ready for the wedding next week.  Bravo is really pissing me off right now.

Caroline, Jac and Teresa are in Chicago and Caroline is nauseating.  She blames Teresa for all the problems in her family which is ridiculous.  Caroline is not talking to Dina because she is a bitch, not because of Tre and she needs to stop blaming people for her own bad behavior.

Juicy is being inappropriate but funny.  He is not malicious, just a little dumb about it all. Sidebar:  Why is Greg at the wedding?  Is it because his boyfriend’s uncle is getting married? Could it be because Bravo thought all the gay people should get a minute of airtime during the gay theme?

Sidebar:  There is nothing interesting about the Manzo children or their friends.  I don’t care about Lauren’s battle with weight, black water, or the gay roommate.  They need to all get jobs, stop whining, and move on.  As for dieting, Chris should jump on that bandwagon pretty quickly.

Back at Kathy’s they are having a party.  She invites her friend Heather who is gorgeous, and comes with her NBA playing husband.  Rosie is drooling all over Heather, and Melissa is shooting daggers at her.  Melissa is jealous of everyone and everything that gets attention.

Joe is talking to Rich about Teresa and I wish Rich would shut up.  He has no idea what he is talking about and needs to stop advising Joe.  Melissa makes it very clear that she has no interest in anyone getting along.  She is the cause of the strife and nobody is buying her nice girl shtick.

Heather is flirting with Rosie in the hot tub and it is embarrassing.  I thought Rosie was too smart and classy for this, but there she is, making a fool out of herself.  The best part of the hot tub is watching Melissa look at Heather with palpable envy and hate.  It really was quite funny.

On the ride to the hotel from Jamie’s, Juicy makes some lame gay jokes at the expense of Greg.  Caroline outs him as an alcoholic, and Greg is offended. Important to note that as a openly gay man, Andy Cohen should be ashamed of how he is handling the gay slurs on this show.

Ignorance is not permission to be an idiot.  Juicy is idiotic and not funny. Greg is a brooding crybaby, Joe Gorga is over the top in terms of trying to appear to love all gay people, and the beauty and importance of Jaime’s wedding is trivialized by the stupidity of everyone.

Bravo seriously needs to rethink this show.  Remember when this show was fun?  It’s at the point where one sister is missing her brother’s wedding in oder to avoid another sister. Will   Bravo not rest until every family is ripped apart?  Time to start keeping it real.