2nd Ave Deli under fire for sandwich names

The 2nd Ave Deli in New York is under threat for purloining sandwich names.

The Heart Attack Grill in Arizona apparently has warned the famed Manhattan deli to cease serving its Instant Heart Attack Sandwich or be hauled into court for trademark violation. The 2nd Ave Deli’s proposed Triple Bypass Burger also is under attack.

According to Reuters, the 2nd Ave Deli asked a federal judge Tuesday to declare that it had not imitated the Arizona sandwiches because the New York creations were kosher and used completely different ingredients.

That’s not the only difference, the Reuters piece pointed out.

The 2nd Ave Deli’s Instant Heart Attack Sandwich is made of potato latkes and a selection of deli meats, and sells for $23.95.

The Arizona restaurant’s Triple Bypass Burger is a cheeseburger-style sandwich that costs $10.51.