Mila Kunis’s Marine Corps. mitzvah [VIDEOS]

She has the looks of a diva, but apparently, the heart of a do-gooder.

The Russian-Jewish actress Mila Kunis has agreed to accompany a U.S. soldier to the Marine Corps. Ball in Greenville, North Carolina next November.

The spunky soldier, identified as Sgt. Scott Moore and currently serving in Afghanistan, invited Kunis on the date via youtube.


His chutzpah evidently impressed Justin Timberlake, who was with Kunis promoting their upcoming film “Friends With Benefits” when Fox News asked Kunis if she would attend. “You need to do this for your country,” Timberlake said.  With casual brio, the actress said, “Sure, I’ll go.”


How rare to encounter an actress so unaffected. Especially one whose star is rising so rapidly. Thanks mainly to the success of “Black Swan,” Kunis is Hollywood’s gal-of-the-moment. In a cover story interview for the lifestyle glossy Los Angeles Confidential, Kunis talked about the impact of fast fame. She said that commonplace activities, like picking up her dry cleaning, now come laden with under-the-looking-glass anxieties.

Nice to know she’ll transfer the attention to the Marine Corps ball, bringing with her a little goodness and a lot of glamour. 

Today Show video: