Hollywood Jew in the LA Times and the NY Times (but who’s counting?)

Because one ‘Times’ wasn’t enough, Hollywood Jew made appearances in both the Los Angeles Times and New York Times this past week.

Given, last Friday’s NYTimes double-truck came at the hands of The Weinstein Co.‘s monstrous marketing budget, HJ thinks a full page reprint of this blog’s fodder falls into the old chestnut “all press is good press.” Though HJ isn’t sure whether she should thank Harvey Weinstein or Harvey Weinstein should thank her: “Please tell Danielle that her article looks to be at least as good, if not better, than the movie,” read one letter to the editor. And for the record, HJ does feel a bit sandbagged that the ol’ Weinstein warlock refashioned her headline (sincerest apologies to the American Jewish Committee who only deserved some of its scorn).

Resting only on the Sabbath, HJ made her LA Times debut in yesterday’s print edition where esteemed entertainment columnist Patrick Goldstein opined some jazzy things about Hollywood Jew and coined yours truly a ‘tribal critic’ (better that, she thinks, than ‘village idiot’). Many moons ago, when HJ was an incipient sapling, Mr. Goldstein gave her some very good advice: “Opinion and attitude” is the lifeblood of blogs—and she took that to heart. Needless to say, it was lovely catching up with Mr. Goldstein after more than three years and scores of snippy blog posts.

Here’s the LA Times take on Hollywood Jew, all grown up:

Danielle Berrin, who writes the Hollywood Jew blog for the Jewish Journal, is a natural-born provocateur. She got into a heated e-mail debate with Aaron Sorkin after she blasted “The Social Network” for its negative portrayal of Jewish women in a blog post titled “Who does Aaron Sorkin really hate?” When she profiled film director Brett Ratner, Berrin opened the story by saying how Ratner hit on her during their interview, adding insult to injury by noting that he said he found her attractive because she looked like a WASP.

Berrin recently walloped a host of Jewish organizations, including the American Jewish Committee, which have condemned the supposedly one-sided portrayal of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict in Julian Schnabel’s new film, “Miral,” wondering if the older generation of American Jewry is mired in such a profound cultural malaise that it’s “impossible for Jews to empathize with anyone but each other.” When Charlie Sheen was finally dumped by CBS from “Two and a Half Men,” Berrin wrote: “Why is it that you can abuse women, terrorize hotels, openly do drugs, get busted and all is forgiven until you utter a little anti-Semitic slur?” And, well, don’t ask what she thinks about Mel Gibson.

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