Bells of Thanks

It is said not to trust anyone who tries to change the
Torah to say, “oh, they didn't mean this,” or “I don't have to do

I sit by the players of bells– twinkly ones and ones
that shook more in the earth's emeralds.

I am seated next to the one who plays banging
reactive drum.

and a drone of the harmonium and the beautiful ways the
buttons are pushed and the freedom in doing the bells- she
musically gifted . . . oh, thank G-d.

And they speak chants of another language in trance are
love for G-d and I get to see you on the subway platform!

and “splendor,” I say inside.

Oh, thankfulness I am.

Oh, thankfulness.

because the derech flows and Is river
and dirt road and fenced and sometimes fields . . .

This is gentle advice . . . to not follow any other religion. A
boundary so thin that it is only thankfulness.



Derech is Hebrew for path, or the way