What Happened to Eddie Cibrian?

I have been writing and tweeting a lot about LeAnn Rimes lately.  I am so completely disgusted by her making epic step-parenting mistakes, and choosing to talk about them in the press and to anyone who will listen, that I can’t help but write about her.  The desperate and pathetic attempts to make the ex-wife of her husband hurt, is truly fascinating.  By fascinating of course I mean sociopathic.  I believe this woman is mentally unstable.

The fact is that LeAnn has been screwed up since she was a little kid. To be clear, I think she has a remarkable voice and I am not speaking of her talent. I am speaking of her as a human being.  She is not well, and the truth is she has had issues for as long as she has been in the public eye.  I know she likes to blame her lost childhood for everything bad that happens to her, but in reality this woman is simply and obviously a crazy person.

One could argue she is learning impaired, which I think is true, but how does one explain the choices of her husband, Eddie Cibrian?  This man is not only dealing with the fact that his career has tanked since marrying this woman, but he has lost his ability to make good choices when it comes to his children.  He is more concerned with his sugar momma than his two young kids which is sad.

Important to note that my son has a stepmother and her behavior in the beginning of their relationship and marriage mirrors a lot of LeAnn’s behavior.  She was young, had no children of her own, and thought that marrying a man with a kid automatically made her a mother.  It does not work that way.  There was nothing maternal about her and she wanted to be respected as a co-parent without having earned it from me.

She may not have known what she was doing in terms of raising a child, but she knew exactly what she was doing when it came to hurting me and pissing me off.  There are things that should not be said or done by a stepmother, and this woman said and did them all.  I often wondered if her hate for me was more powerful than her love of my son.  To be clear, she loves him, just not enough to respect the woman who is his mother.

To be honest, on some levels I feel for her.  She married a man who had been married before, had a child with a woman that was not her, and is reminded every single day that I am the one and only mother of our son.  I have been divorced for 16 years and I am not bitter, jealous or angry.  What I am however, is the focus of bitterness, jealousy, and anger of a woman who is desperate to establish her role as a mother.

While infidelity did not play a role in the end of my marriage, his remarriage played a huge role in the end of our friendship, and the ability to coparent together.  It was only when they married, and she realized I would always be what she never was, that her desire to establish herself as more important than me ate away his balls until he was left with none, and she became the spokesperson for their family.

My situation with this woman is less about her than it is about my ex-husband.  He has put the needs, feelings, and emotions of this woman ahead of the best interest of his child.  He allows a woman who has no legal say about my child to make decisions about the care, wellbeing, and safety of our son. He values her opinion over mine and while I appreciate they have a family, they don’t understand that I am a part of it.

Divorce sucks ass. Whether there is infidelity, abuse, boredom, or simply irreconcilable differences, divorce is painful and sad.  In the case of Eddie and his ex-wife Brandi Glanville, it would appear that Brandi can still remember a time when they loved each other, whereas Eddie does not seem to remember it at all.  Eddie has moved on, we get it, but is disrespecting the mother of his children really the way to go?

Money makes people do crazy things and the fact that LeAnn supports Eddie is clearly powerful, but at what point does money become more important than having balls? How is it that supporting the woman who gave you children, takes a back seat to the woman who is openly and aggressively putting your children in harms way?  LeAnn is being driven by insecurity and Eddie is sitting in the front seat enjoying the ride.

The attacks of LeAnn on Brandi are relentless yet Eddie says nothing.  I get he has moved on, and is building a life with a new woman.  I also get that she probably loves those kids, but she is unstable, unsafe, and unwilling to grow up.  Eddie seems to have forgotten that Brandi has done nothing wrong. While she has not handled every passive aggressive and direct attack of LeAnn in the best way, she is not the enemy.

Eddie cheated on his wife, with several women, and LeAnn was the only one who stuck.  She was the only who was willing to marry a man who has a habit of banging chicks other than his wife.  Eddie Cibrian is a Douchelord. He is the King of the douchebags.  He is a pig, idiot, cheater, and a pussy.  He is living his life in the public eye with no balls, other than the ball and chain that has surgically attached herself to Twitter.

What happened to Eddie Cibrian?  He is undoubtedly one of the best looking men on the planet, a talented actor, and he makes beautiful babies. It’s almost as if he is settling for LeAnn because he can’t be bothered to work. I’m sure she takes care of him and dotes on him, which she should. She is rather unfortunate looking and so the insecurity she must feel to be with someone so attractive must be quite difficult.

What I wonder about is why Eddie does not say anything about her behavior?  He should support his wife, but he also needs to take control of a situation that is going to end badly.  He is not going to be married to her forever so why take so many risks with a woman that is hell bent on hurting the mother of his children?  Why is he not telling her to quit Twitter?  Or at least telling the world he does not condone her tweets?

He cheated, his wife left him, he moved on.  Why punish Brandi? Why even mention Brandi?  LeAnn likes to talk about how happy she is and how perfect her marriage is, yet she constantly drags Brandi onto her life.  Her entire new album is about how she ruined a family so she is using Brandi now to sell records.  LeAnn is trying to be Brandi and since Eddie says nothing, one can only assume that Eddie wants LeAnn to be more like Brandi.

If you had a thousand divorced women who are dealing with stepmothers to their children, write the top ten things their exes and the new wives do to annoy and hurt them, I’m guessing every list would be the same.  There is nothing special about Eddie and LeAnn.  They are disgusting, making bad choices, and impacting their children in ways what may not be clear now, but will come back to bite them in the ass one day soon.

Respect is earned and the key to having respect for your ex-wife and the role she has as the only mother to your children, is to remember that you once loved her.  If men could simply remember what that love was, they would be able to man up and grab hold of their balls, rather than let the new wife hold onto them so tightly.  LeAnn is publicly castrating her husband. For Eddie I guess money trumps balls.  Such a shame.

I despise LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.  I don’t know them of course, but they represent the pain and hurt of my own divorce, and the ongoing struggles I have with the woman who is now co-parenting my child.  She is not his mother, but he is in her home, she is a parent figure, and like it or not, she is helping to raise my child.  I am grateful that she loves my son, but I hate her for not acknowledging my role in his upbringing.

In the almost 17 years that I have been a mother, my ex-husband has never once told me I am a good mom.  He does however, on a very regular basis, tell me that his wife is a phenomenal mother to our child.  That this woman, who fights so hard to be considered a parent to my son, has not had the decency or kindness to tell me she respects my role says a lot about her.  In the end what I think of them is irrelevant.

My son has formed his own opinions of his parents over the course of his life.  We are all doing the best we can, and while mistakes are made, I have the respect of my child and that means everything.  To Brandi, the same will be said of your children. Women will read your book, nod in agreement, and take comfort in knowing they are not alone.  To LeAnn, you need an intervention and God willing that will happen before you put these children in harms way again. 

To Eddie, you are an asshole and nothing will ever change that opinion.  You cheated on your wife and allowed your penis to ruin lives.  You are also a douchelord, but that can be corrected.  Man up, ball up, and tell your wife to shut the F up.  Put the safety of your children first and try to remember the time when you loved Brandi.  If you take charge and stop being whipped by LeAnn's wallet, you will be better off and more importantly, your children will be better off.

The public will eventaully forget you cheated and they will forget about  LeAnn.  You will work and make your own money, and perhaps one day you and Brandi will be friends.  These things are all unknowns of course, but what is certain is that your choices now will impact how your sons view you when they are older.  That should be enough to make you take a stand and do the right thing.  At this rate losing their respect is inevitable so make some changes and start keeping it real.