The Unraveling of LeAnn Rimes

I have a love/hate relationship with LeAnn Rimes.  I love to write about her, and she hates me.  I have written about the fact that I think she is a whore, and also written that I feel bad for calling her a whore.  The truth is I do feel bad.  There are some really fabulous and hardworking whores, and it is mean to them to include LeAnn in their ranks.

LeAnn is not a whore.  She is a selfish, stupid, delusional, pathetic,  ignorant, starving, crazy, and desperate woman who slept with a married man to make herself feel better about the fact that she was unfortunate looking and had no real friends.  That is not a whore, so to the real whores of the world, I am sorry.  The label was unkind.

God Bless whores.  Everyone needs to make a living and if sex is your thing, then good luck to you.  I suppose the truth is that you can act whorish and not be a whore.  In the case of LeAnn Rimes, she is whorish, but not a whore. Her husband is a whore as he is paid to service her needs and in exchange is supported financially since he has no job.

I recently spoke with the woman who is being sued by LeAnn and I thought if I wrote a blog from a place of peace and kindness, perhaps it would help defuse a situation that is rapidly escalating out of control.  Not so much.  I took the high road and in response, LeAnn opted to cruise through the gutter.  No real surprise I suppose.

LeAnn is a pathological liar, who by definition is a liar that is compulsive or impulsive, lies on a regular basis and is unable to control their lying despite of foreseeing inevitable negative consequences or ultimate disclosure of the lie. Generally lies told by a pathological liar have self-defeating quality to them and don’t serve the long-term needs of the person.

Her lawsuit against the special education teacher is based on lies, and that her ambulance chaser is continuing to pursue it is fascinating, and says more about him than her.  LeAnn went on Katie Couric and cried about how nobody understands her, but she tells the world everything, so why is she surprised we have opinions about her?

She tweeted this weekend that she was with “her boys” on a “family vacation”.  It is her family and so whatever, but they are not her boys.  A better tweet would have been, “my husband and his boys”.  She can try to make us think she has a picture perfect life but the fact is she married a cheater and she has no boys.

As a divorced mother who has issues with the woman who married my ex-husband, I am offended by LeAnn.  I tried to be nice but when she insists on being a moron, and invites us to see her moronic choices, how do I not comment on it?  Is she really so dumb she thinks she can act like a spoiled brat and we are not going to say something?

How does she say she does not want the children of her husband to be on a reality show with their mother, yet she tweets their picture nonstop?  Why does she constantly tweet about forgivesness, yet she is unwilling to forgive anyone she thinks wronged her?  Nobody has wronged LeAnn Rimes but LeAnn Rimes. She should sue herself.

LeAnn will read this, as she does all my blogs.  She will perhaps threaten to sue me, or get her paid friends to attack me on Twitter.  She will get her girlfriend Darrell to write I am a bad Jew, and then she will cry to her ambulance chaser that people are being mean to her.  He will charge her a fortune to agree with her.  That’s her game.

I am mortified by this woman and truly horrified that her husband allows her to do what she does.  Why is there nobody in her life that is able to get her to shut up?  Who is advising her?  It does not take a rocket scientist to see that this woman is unraveling and needs an intervention.  A physical, emotional, and spiritual intervention.

To Kim, the woman being sued, you will be okay.  They are trying to scare you and you need to hang tough and know that power lies in the truth.  If there are any lawyers, veterans or freshly minted, who want to help Kim and her family fight this lunatic, get in touch with me and I will put you in touch with her.  It is time for the madness to stop.

Sidebar: I'm not kidding. This woman needs help.  LeAnn and her attorney are intimidating and scaring this family. They are both special education teachers and the financial stresses of the lawsuit are huge.  They are truly wonderful people and they need a shark who enjoys eating ambulance chasers for breakfast.

LeAnn will give an interview to the Penny Saver yet nobody has reached out to get the real story from Kim, so again, if you want to interview Kim about what exactly LeAnn is doing to torment this family, then let me know. I have had it with this woman thinking there are no repercussions for her worrisome behavior.

Is the life of this woman any of our business?  Do we have the right to write about her?  Yes.  When she tweets, attacks, and hurts people publically, she gives permission to comment.  She wants us to stop judging her? Then she needs to stop.  If she stops inviting me in, I will stop responding.  That’s how it works when you are keeping it real.