Rain in LA, Starbucks & a Fabulous Lesbian

It’s raining in Los Angeles, which means my road rage is on high alert.  I love the rain, but certain residents of LA are hell bent on sucking all the joy out of the beauty of a rainy day.  By certain residents of course I mean 99% of the people who live here are bad drivers.  By bad drivers of course I mean I want to punch a lot of people in the face.  Not really. I’m kidding.

I’m not really kidding.  I don’t understand why a few drops of water have to turn this city into such a mess.  It truly is fascinating to watch.  There is panic and fear as if the sky is falling and the end of the world is near.  It is water people.  There is no need to drive 5 miles an hour, or keep your blinker on for miles so as to properly warn people of your plans to change lanes in ten minutes.

Rain in LA makes me want to stay in my pajamas, not leave the house, and drink tea while laughing at all the people who are on the road.  It was my plan for today, but sadly I needed to run out for an errand.  I got a call that my new glasses were ready to be picked up and so I decided to brave the elements and go get them, hopeful I would not need to kill someone.

I went to get my glasses and on the way home decided to reward myself for not killing anyone while on my errand, by stopping at Starbucks to get a yummy treat.   I love Starbucks and I order the same thing every time I go. Whether it’s 100 degrees or freezing cold, I order the same drink.  It is just a drink, but it makes me very happy and tastes delicious.

For those who are interested: I order a Grande Awake tea latte. 2 Equals, Nonfat milk, NO WATER and NO FOAM.  It is essentially warm milk that is infused with tea, and sweetened so it tastes like dessert.  It truly is divine and my son and Englishman are also huge fans. The key is no water so keep an eye on your baristas to make sure they don’t mess it up!

So I’m in Starbucks getting my reward and I am talking to my mother on the phone.  I usually speak to my mother in Hebrew so perhaps I was talking loud since Hebrew tends to be a smidge louder.  We hung up, I ordered my drink, and stood by to make sure they did not add any water.  A woman walked behind me and I heard her talking on the phone in Hebrew.

The barista skipped the water and so I went to the end of the counter to wait for my drink.  The woman smiled and asked if my mom was in Israel.  I told her she was in Canada and we started to chat.  We talked about our moms, Israel, and how people don’t know how to drive in the rain.  We both had our drinks by then and were just chatting like old friends.

I needed to go and each time our conversation came to an end, it started back up again.  She was a lovely woman who appeared to be in her mid 30’s, and was quite attractive.  It occurred to me that she might be hitting on me.  Now I was intrigued.  We walked toward the door to head out to our cars, and I was taken oven by my curiosity and decided to ask her.

I told her she was lovely, explained that I had no gaydar, and at the risk of great humiliation, was wondering if she was flirting with me.  She laughed out loud, put her hand on my arm, and told me that she was.  It was the sweetest gesture and I was insanely flattered.  I told her she made my day and that I was not a lesbian and in a relationship with a lovely man.

She blushed slightly and told me he was a lucky man.  It was so sweet, and she was so lovely, that I wanted to hug her, so I did.  I gave her a big hug, told her she made my day, and gave her my number so I could set her up with a girlfriend of mine.  It was a really wonderful exchange and I left with a skip in my step.  It’s very flattering to be hit on by a woman.

My rainy day had a burst of sunshine when I met Anat.  I left our meeting feeling pretty, and also very lucky.  It’s always a boost to your ego when someone hits on you.  I was also reminded how hard it is to be single.  I have dated enough for ten lifetimes and while I do not miss the dating game, I was impressed by Anat and her fearless approach to finding love.

When I was dating I was always brave. I took  risks and it paid off for me in countless ways. Not necessarly in my success rate, but in how I viewed my single self.  Chicks never did it for me, but if I were gay and single, I would go out with Anat. Tthere is nothing sexier to me than someone being brave and making me laugh, and Anat did both.

I am lucky to have my Englishman and each day that I don’t have to play the dating game is a good day.  Love is grand and I am blessed to have found it. To those who are searching for love, be brave and go for it.  Love will not find you just because you want it.  You must be proactive and put yourself out there.  To the lovely Anat you will find love if you keep the faith