Chinese businessman says he is just as smart as Jews

A Chinese businessman seeking to buy the New York Times said he is just as smart as Jewish owners of American newspapers.

Chen Guangbiao said in an interview with the South China Morning Post that he was aware many American newspapers are owned by Jews and that his IQ is “equally competent” as theirs.

The chairman of Jiangsu Huangpu Recycling Resources, Guangbiao made his fortune in recycling construction materials in China. Last month he announced he would travel to New York to meet with shareholders of the New York Times in a bid to acquire the newspaper. His announcement led to the cancellation of the Jan. 5 meeting, according to Forbes.

Earlier this week, Chen said in an interview with Sinovision, a New York-based Chinese television station, that he was investigating whether The Wall Street Journal is for sale.

Chen added that he is “very good at working with Jews,” according to the Post.