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R.I.P. boring Halloween decor

by Shelley Spranza, Zocalo Public Square

1 day ago

Stewie the scarecrow. Image by Shelley Spranza

I took Stewie out of storage on the first of October. The eight-foot-tall scarecrow with a massive, mutated pumpkin head (he may have grown in the abandoned gardens near Chernobyl) is... read full article

  • Poem: 55th High School Reunion

    by Elaine Terranova

    2 days ago

    Smoked fish, an omelet station. It was a bar mitzvah

    but only the grandparents were invited

    and the child may just have died. 

    We wore on our backs our graduation pictures

    for pats or slaps, for easy recognition.

    Programs and bags were shoved aside

    in the rush to claim...

  • Playwright and successful TV writer and producer, Jerry Mayer, inspired by real life

    by Iris Mann

    2 days ago

    At age 83, Jerry Mayer — a highly successful television writer and producer for such hit shows as “M*A*S*H,” “All in the Family,” “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” — is still going strong. Since 1986, he has been writing plays, most of them comedies, which have...

  • Batsheva Dance Company celebrates 50th birthday

    by Avishay Artsy

    2 days ago

    Los Angeles may be known as one of the world’s entertainment capitals, but when it comes to dance, the city has lagged behind the likes of New York, San Francisco, Paris, Moscow — and even Tel Aviv.

    That’s slowly starting to change, thanks to Benjamin Millepied’s L.A. Dance...

  • A future without Jews; If anti-Semitism won

    by Lisa Silverman

    2 days ago

    Just how frightening is it to be a British Jew these days? Although it’s comforting to know that the security guard who prohibited two Jewish boys from entering a sporting goods store in Hertfordshire, England, last month was fired, Jewish residents are starting to feel...

  • Jewish NBA owner’s ‘Yiddish’ snafu

    by Julie Wiener, JTA

    3 days ago

    Talk about auto-correct fails.

    In an email to team employees, the Jewish owner of a pro basketball team said he wanted to learn “hoodish.” He apparently meant to write “Yiddish.”

    Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber sent out a follow-up email clarifying that the use of...

  • Anita Diamant’s ‘The Boston Girl’: An immigrant’s tale, hanging onto the old ways

    by Dora Levy Mossanen

    4 days ago

    From the opening of Anita Diamant’s heartwarming novel, “The Boston Girl,” (Scribner), when Addie Bauman, an 85-year-old grandmother recounts her life story to her granddaughter, I was struck by the similarities between the Jewish cultural beliefs and mores in Boston in 1915, when...

  • Kit to check food for pork traces hits France

    by Julie Wiener, JTA

    1 week ago

    Worried that the food you thought was kosher, or at least kosher style, has some hidden pork?

    Now, using a few test tubes, water and a small pregnancy test-like strip, you can find out in a few minutes whether your food contains pork traces.

    HalalTest, a new product developed...

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