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  • The 4 eras of John Glenn

    by Ron Kampeas, JTA

    2 days ago

    John Glenn, the pioneer astronaut and former U.S. senator from Ohio, is gone.

    He was of our parents’ era. For those of us of a certain age, Glenn was...

  • Bride Jamie Lee takes a comical look at planning nuptials in ‘Weddiculous’

    by Kylie Ora Lobell

    2 days ago

    When comedian Jamie Lee got engaged in December 2014, it meant the realization of a lifelong dream. No, not getting married — writing a book.

    Lee had...

  • Poem: Chagall

    by Linda Pastan

    3 days ago

    It is snowing
    fiddle notes
    on the village of Vitebsk
    where brides float up
    like the wicks
    of Sabbath candles.
    In the kitchens
    the dough cries out
    to be braided,
    or is it the hair
    of the youngest daughter
    newly washed
    in ochre?

    “Chagall” appeared in “The Five Stages of Grief.” Linda Pastan’s 14th book of poems, “Insomnia,” was published by Norton in 2015. She is a former Poet Laureate of Maryland and in 2003 won the Ruth Lily Prize for lifetime achievement.

  • Author sheds light on the menorah

    by Jonathan Kirsch

    4 days ago

    A Star of David may appear on the flag of Israel, but a much older symbol of Judaism and the Jewish people is the menorah, the seven-branched...

  • Faith and doubt:  S.Y. Agnon’s Nobel Prize, 50 years later

    by Rabbi Daniel Bouskila

    4 days ago

    On Dec. 10, 1966, Shabbat in Stockholm ended at 3:55 p.m. This gave Israeli writer S.Y. Agnon; his wife, Esther; and their daughter, Emunah, exactly 35...

  • Poem: The Meditation of Travel

    by Yehoshua November

    1 week ago

    To warm ourselves before a stove
    in a foreign province,
    to rise early,
    the wayfarer’s prayer
    on our tongues,
    to watch fish blaze through shallow...

  • Musical rendition of Sim Shalom to spread peace

    by Tess Cutler

    2 weeks ago

    Sim Shalom, the prayer for peace traditionally recited at the end of the Amidah in most Jewish prayer services, will get a new interpretation when it is...

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