Two views on climate change

In Dennis Prager’s last two columns on, he explained why he is skeptical about global warming.  The Journal received so many responses to these columns that we felt we should open the debate further than usual.  In addition to the letters-to-the-editor we have run of the past weeks, author and humorist Joey Green weighs in here, and Prager responds.

” title=”Climate change: Is Dennis the menace?” target=”_blank”>Climate change: Is Dennis the menace?

by Joey Green

Dennis Prager reminds me of Harry Truman. No, not Harry Truman the president. I’m talking about the Harry Truman who, in 1980, refused to evacuate his Mount St. Helens Lodge, located less than two miles from the crater of the volcano threatening to erupt.
Read ” title=”Climate change: A reasoned skeptic’s response” target=”_blank”>Climate change: A reasoned skeptic’s response

by Dennis Prager
In my two columns on why thoughtful people might be skeptical about the apocalyptic global warming/climate change scenario, I addressed the issue with a seriousness and respect that Joey Green does not exhibit in his response. He apparently felt that sarcasm and put-downs comprise an adequate response.