Jeff Zucker works through his Napoleon complex at his son’s bar mitzvah

There are times when Hollywood inspires, enlightens and entertains—and other times when it exemplifies the worst of American culture, often in the form of greed, excess and ostentation.

Jeff Zucker can count himself in the latter camp.

Over the weekend, several tabloids including The New York Post reported that Zucker ‘spared no expense’ for his son’s bar mitzvah, at The Four Seasons of course, where rapper Drake performed, Katie Couric ate rack of lamb, and ipad stations reigned so the 13-year-old darlings wouldn’t miss an opportunity to update their facebook status. The Post estimates Zucker spent $250,000 on the affair, only refusing Kanye West’s $1 million demand to perform. Instead they went with Drake, a Jew, who offered a discount.

Zucker was reportedly given a $40 million exit package to walk away from his post as NBC prexy when Comcast took over last Fall. The network was under-performing and yet Zucker was rewarded anyway. According to the Post, he’s currently working on a syndication show with Couric, so until that goes live he seems to be spending his time spending his money.

But Mr. Zucker, just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you should. In good Jewish fashion, I assume you donated at least 10-percent of the bill to charity?

Read more at The New York Post (if you can stomach it).