Is Nikki Finke mad? Who cares!

I wish people would stop writing boring things about Nikki Finke.

The latest comes from Gawker blogger John Cook who wonders “Is Nikki Finke Losing It?” because she sent an angry, pompous email to a lot of important people over the weekend. News flash John: This is completely in character.

Finke, the founder and editor of the online trade, is famously truculent, intimidating and suffering from one ailment or another. She rages on her blog, she rages on the phone—tell me something I don’t know.

I get that most of Hollywood is mystified by the phantom presence of the self-declared “most powerful journalist in Hollywood” – which she may very well be, since I tend to think of as Hollywood’s version of The Wall Street Journal—but still, I’m much more interested in how she became this way and what makes her tick, rather than harp on the fact that she’s a ticking bomb.

Though she does her darnedest to hide it, the woman does have a heart, which I got an all-too-transient glimpse of two years ago. She even promised to tell me her Jewish story for the paper but several attempts to interview her have failed. To be sure, she does not like being subjected to the same scrutiny she inflicts upon others. Anyway, thank you Mr. Cook for the illuminating story that affirmed everything we already know and think. But I get it, everybody needs Web hits, including Hollywood Jew.

NOTE: Two items in this post were removed, out of courtesy to Ms. Finke. This one’s not worth the headache.