September 21, 2018


Jews in the Swedish city of Gothenburg expressed relief on Monday after a neo-Nazi march on Yom Kippur bypassed the city’s main synagogue.
The 7.1 magnitude quake on Sept. 19 toppled 38 buildings in Mexico City and killed over 300 people nationwide. Two buildings collapsed next to my apartment.
Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has called on the Trump administration to recognize the Kurdish bid for independence.
The 13 black-and-white pictures sat in a cardboard box in a N. Hollywood residence, half a world and seven decades removed from the horrors they captured.
Ben Cardin, one of a handful of Senate Democrats who opposed the Iran nuclear deal, urged the Trump administration not to pull out of it.
With some 6 million votes, the populist, far-right Alternative for Germany, or AfD, finished in third place, securing 94 seats in the national parliament.
The House Foreign Affairs Committee announced that it will vote on legislation that tightens sanctions against Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah.
A court in Sweden has rerouted a neo-Nazi march on Yom Kippur farther away from a synagogue.
Ambassadors to Washington for America’s four European partners in the Iran nuclear deal said they opposed reopening the pact to negotiation.
Rabbi Norman Patz stood on a balcony overlooking the flooded streets, stripped trees and downed power lines in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Jews should not fear the strong election showing by the Alternative for Germany, a leader of the populist far-right party said.
Iran announced that it successfully tested a new medium-range missile capable of reaching Israel and U.S. military bases in the Persian Gulf.
Jewish leaders congratulated Angela Merkel on her election as German chancellor, while decrying the rise of Germany’s newest right-wing populist party.
Trump and Netanyahu both cast Iran as a rogue nation and said the 2015 nuclear deal trading sanctions relief for a rollback in Iran’s nuclear program.
Israel will send a search and rescue team to Mexico in the wake of a severe earthquake — the second to hit the North American nation in two weeks.
Puerto Rico’s three synagogues closed for Rosh Hashanah as Hurricane Maria pummeled the island. The synagogues canceled Wednesday evening services.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Iran nuclear deal must be amended or canceled, but suggested that scrapping the deal may be preferable.
The number of times President Donald Trump mentioned Iran or its derivatives in his U.N. speech? Twelve, and each time to emphasize its threat.
Israel’s intelligence community opposes the drastic changes sought by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, report says.
An underground train in London was hit with a detonated device in an apparent terrorist attack. At least 22 people were injured.
President Donald Trump waived nuclear sanctions on Iran in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal he reviles, but warned that he could take dramatic action.
A team of forensic analysts has determined Alberto Nisman was murdered and did not commit suicide, Argentinean media is reporting.
Jews in the Swedish city of Gothenburg were bracing for a neo-Nazi march scheduled to pass near the city's main synagogue on Yom Kippur.
A request filed by the Palestinian Authority last year to join the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is slated to come to a vote this week.
More than 70 years after fascists took Elie Wiesel, hundreds of its residents retraced his steps in a march to protest against anti-Semitism.
A French Jewish leader and his family were assaulted in their home near Paris in what representatives of French Jewry said was an anti-Semitic attack.
A former principal at a preparatory school in Marseille said he regularly advised Jews not to attend his institution for fear of harassment by students.
Tensions between Israel and Syria increased after reports that Israel hit a center responsible for developing chemical weapons near the city of Hama.
It was 5 a.m. Wednesday and Hurricane Irma was pounding the tiny Caribbean island of Saint Martin.
Haley suggested that the ball could be placed in Congress’ court allowing lawmakers to reintroduce nuclear sanctions against Tehran.
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