October 16, 2018


Your child has worked hard studying & preparing for their bar and bat mitzvahs, you’re going to want a party venue that suitably honors their achievement.
Last year, a friend presented me with a unusual opportunity: How would I like to make $250 for attending a bar mitzvah at the Beverly Hills Hotel?
Kalman Aron is a prolific artist. Even during his internment at seven Nazi camps, he didn’t stop drawing — and his artwork saved his life.
Iranian rabbis from Southern California and across the country gathered in Irvine on June 5-6 for the first national Persian American Rabbinical Conference.
To raise or to lower? That is a crucial question for a person to consider regarding how one’s spiritual life impacts other people and the world itself.
A statistician will tell you who is likely to catch a touchdown pass. But only ecstatic Giants fans could appreciate the glories of an improbable reception.
After spending my formative years in Jewish day school, it was only natural that I’d rebel in college: I signed up for a class in the New Testament.
The vast majority of Reform and Conservative rabbis affiliate as Democrats, according to a new study. More than 80 percent of Reform rabbis are Democrats
Garcia, 33, was a Marine from 2002 to 2011, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was raised by a Jewish father, who also was a Marine, and a Catholic mother.
Whether we believe it was given directly by God to Moses, or just that it’s the foundational text of our identity as Jews, we want to get it right.
The number of non-Orthodox synagogues nationwide that have eliminated fixed annual dues has more than doubled in the past two years.
Don't get me wrong. I have at least four boxes of (Streit's?) cheese blintzes gathering a third layer of permafrost in my freezer right now.
When our ancestors received the Torah, they stood at a mountain. When we celebrate receiving the Torah on Shavuot, we will stand in the pews.
When Jill Sperling met her husband in 1985, he was the first Jew she’d ever met. On a recent business trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the tables turned.
This week begins the reading of Bamidbar, the 4th book of the Torah, meaning “in the wilderness.” Tracing the Israelite journey from Mount Sinai to Canaan.
Creating date honey was, and is, a processing technique common to all date-growing regions of the Middle East and North Africa.
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