September 21, 2018


Stalking takes on a whole other dimension in Lifetime's new show "You" starring Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley.
Drama, comedy, prestige pictures and popcorn flicks, biographies and classic remakes — lots to see at movie theaters this fall.
In 1975, a petite Jewish comedian from suburban Detroit named Gilda Radner became famous overnight with the debut of “Saturday Night Live.”
Your guide to the members of the Tribe behind the new and returning shows as stars, creators and characters this season.
Emmy Rossum is leaving “Shameless,” the Showtime drama she has starred in since 2011. She confirmed her departure in a letter posted...
I remember when I was a child my mother spending several days in the kitchen preparing our special Rosh Hashanah dinner.
This is a story about bread, and how learning how to bake it can change your life.
May we form a unified community, doing God’s will with a perfect heart.
A man with a dark complexion, sporting what is known locally as a “Herzl” beard — named in honor of the Zionist
Ron Perlman, best known for the “Hellboy” movies, “Sons of Anarchy,” “Beauty and the Beast” and recently, the Crackle series “StartUp,”
Twenty-five years since its release, “Schindler’s List” will be rereleased in select theaters on Dec. 7, with picture and sound digital...
Stan Zimmerman direct a Latino cast for a stage production of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and didn't expect the amount of controversy it got.
Roseanne Barr will pay the ultimate price for the racist comments that got her fired from the highly rated reboot of “Roseanne” in May.
Award winning playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon passed away on Saturday in New York, due to complications of pneumonia.
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