September 21, 2018


Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin, a Reform Judaism leader who founded and guided Stephen Wise Temple from modest beginnings to one of the world’s...
If you’ve ever stood in front of a piece of modern art in a museum and said, “I could do that,” then this is the art project for you.
Joe Frank, the acclaimed radio host and producer who created darkly comedic and philosophical narratives, died on...
A friend of my ex-husband’s was in town for the holidays. She was someone I’d always liked, and my husband and I didn’t...
As a 22-year-old helicopter pilot in Israel’s air force, Eran Pick went to Germany for his annual simulation test, where he discovered...
In terms of fears, does the thought of organizing your pantry rank right up there with public speaking and clowns?
Can anyone today really be happily married for more than 50 years? I don’t mean the way a Hollywood producer bragged about how easily...
“From the moment I arrived in Israel, I hated the people who forced me to speak Hebrew,” wrote Aharon Appelfeld in his memoir,
Eyal Biram has deep roots in Israel; his family’s presence in the region can be traced back eight generations on both sides.
As if new year’s dieting isn’t already making you cranky enough, January has been designated Get Organized Month by the...
When I enrolled my first child in Jewish day school almost 20 years ago, I was enthralled with the prospect that he would be educated “Jewishly.”
When Natalie Silverlieb told her mother that she was moving to Vanuatu, her mother’s first response was “Vanu-what?” followed by, “Why?”
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