September 18, 2018

Rabbi John Rosove’s Blog

This book is a collection of thirteen letters offering a common sense guide and road map for a new generation of young men and women who find Jewish orthodoxy, tradition, issues, and beliefs impenetrable in 21st Century society.
May we pursue the Biblical prophet's vision of peace
Cruelty is the only word that adequately describes Trump’s action
1 year ago
Rabbi John Rosove offers some thoughts by people familiar with leadership that challenges Trump’s “leadership” as anything deserving of merit.
The United Nations has declared the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II is taking place in a number of countries in Africa.
Leah Aharoni wrote an op-ed that is so riddled with mistakes and faulty metaphors that we are compelled to respond in order to set the record straight.
Dani Dayan laments Israelis’ lack of understanding and unwillingness to engage with liberal Jewish streams.
Moses challenged God again when Korach and the tribal leaders rebelled against his leadership. Moses fell to the ground in prayer and said to God.
Reneging on the Kotel compromise is an abandonment of the principle of klal yisrael and a denial of the legitimacy of the majority of American Jews’ religious expression.
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